PopSugar Musthave September 2013










This is probably my favorite subscription box because it’s a little bit of everything! So seeing this white and pink package at y door is always so so so exciting!!!

Let’s see what’s inside!!

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Agent Provocateur Flash Sale!


Now this is GREAT news! Agent Provocateur is an amazing, beautifully crafted lingerie brand that is also quite pricey. So when they have a sale, it can be a pretty hectic time on the website since almost everyone is trying to get their favorites in any possible wearable size. But this flash sale has AMAZING prices! Bras from $30 to $70…Now this is what a normal bra would cost at Nordstrom or Macy’s but these bras from AP are originally $140 and up. So don’t miss out and get something a little spicy for the weekend! Shop it HERE!

What’s your favorite range?

Sneak Peek: Tarte 2013 Holiday gift sets

Tarte just released a sneak peek of their holiday gift set collection. Aside from the fact that it is still September and I am not ready to think about Christmas when I still have Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Fall in general to celebrate, I must say I am pretty excited to see what they came up with. I LOVE holiday gift sets because it means that I can get products I love for a fairly good bundled gift set price and also get some new products to try too. They are usually a great value that I can’t pass up stocking up for myself when I also buy gifts.

So lets take a closer look at these gift sets and if they really are a good value!

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Julep Maven Sneak Peek October 2013….and a look back at their other product launches

This morning, Julep posted this sneak peek of the October 2013 box: Image

Kajal Eye Glider with Julep Sharpener. Now, I do like that over the summer, Julep made a move to incorporate more beauty products in their subscription boxes but some of the products have been total misses. I LOVED the May Paris themed boxes and the lip products from that month so much that I upgraded to the full collection. (As did so many others; they actually sold out that month.) But since then, they have been coming up with products that are too basic or have steep competition. Let’s just take a look at some of their newly introduced beauty products over the last few months and the other products they compare to:

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Ipsy Glam Bag September 2013

Getting that hot pink package in the mail is always a great way to end the day! I couldn’t wait to tear open this bag and see what I got this month! I am a subscription box addict and usually do  a steady rotation of PopSugar, Ipsy, Julep, Birchbox, Glossy, and various other ones here and there when there is a good special edition.

What I like about Ipsy is getting all the little makeup bags. When I first signed up I thought this was going to be annoying but although I don’t totally love the pattern on this one, it will get put to use in some way!


Ipsy Glam Bag September 2013

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