Julep Maven Sneak Peek October 2013….and a look back at their other product launches

This morning, Julep posted this sneak peek of the October 2013 box: Image

Kajal Eye Glider with Julep Sharpener. Now, I do like that over the summer, Julep made a move to incorporate more beauty products in their subscription boxes but some of the products have been total misses. I LOVED the May Paris themed boxes and the lip products from that month so much that I upgraded to the full collection. (As did so many others; they actually sold out that month.) But since then, they have been coming up with products that are too basic or have steep competition. Let’s just take a look at some of their newly introduced beauty products over the last few months and the other products they compare to:

June 2013 Image Now, This was a sneaky marketing ploy to beat out all the BB and CC creams out there. I am generally a sceptic of BB and CC creams anyways because I DON’T like all my products rolled into one. I have specific primers, moisturizers, tinted moisturizers, serums, etc. that I like that work for me so rolling them all into one doesn’t do much for me. With that said, I have found 1 BB cream and 1 CC cream I like:

Dior Beauty DIORSNOW UV Protection BB Creme- $58

Now this is an expensive BB creme at $58.00 but it goes on nicely and has great coverage for a lightweight product. I am not a big fan of feeling like i have paint on my face because my skin is naturally oily. But after it dries, it wears well and feels almost powdery.

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream- $39

Now this is a little thicker but I LOVE the coverage. The light and medium match me depending on what time of the year it is because they are a bit warmer in tone so that’s a great start for me and it truly covers all imperfections and with a little setting spray doesn’t feel too heavy as it wears throughout the day. Now I definitely would not use this on a hot day since no matter what I do, makeup comes right off my face at any temperature above 90 degrees.

July 2013 Image Now I have to say these are two products I am a dedicated, unwavering fan of when it comes to two different brands and would not, under any circumstance consciously spend extra money buying….except if it was included included as a mystery product in another subscription box… This has happened and I have gotten them and I do use them as backups when I can’t find my favorites in my mess of beauty products.

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray- $25

Now this is the original Sea Salt Spray…If I am wrong and you know of any other one before b&b please let me know!! I fell in love with this 4 years ago and have used it ever since. All of a sudden, sometime last year, I saw a lot of other companies jumping on the bandwagon. I still stay true to the original one I fell in love with.

H2O Plus Sea Salt Hydrating Body Gloss- $15

I have been using this product FOREVER. It is great year round because it is lightweight but it also is great for those super dry winter months when I need to layer my skin moisturizers (This first then some rich cream to keep my skin baby soft!) It also smells divine.

August 2013

Image Image Now, I don’t have other products that  I love better than these I was just not compelled to get this month because all the colors were too similar to the ones I had and the Mask Trio was not something I was interested in. I do my everyday nail care at home but keep the down and dirty stuff to my trusted Nail Salon team.  I actually do want to try the friction stick. There are drugstore brands I have never tried and want to see if they actually work so the stick is a product I would get as an add on to a larger purchase I make in the future.

September 2013

Image Again, like July’s products, there would have to be something pretty bad that needs to happen for me to change over from my use of these products…(Dare I say, discontinued or formula changes…GASP) Again, from other mystery product subscription boxes, I have gotten other brands but these only get used for travel, emergency, etc.

shu uemura at ShopStyle

Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Cleaning Oil $42

This cleansing oil is THE BOMB DOT COM. It has won numerous rewards and comes in a variety of formulas for different skin times. I use this one regularly in rotation with the Pore Clarifying Oil and use the Whitefficient for when I need to get rid of milia around my eyes from overly-rich moisturizer and eye cremes. This stuff is just unbeatable.


Depsea Water Facial Mist- $25

I also am addicted to the Depsea Water Face Mist from Shu Uemera in EVERY scent. Bergamot, Lavender, Rose, Chamomile, Fragrance Free, Mint and Hamamelis (Witch Hazel). This stuff is THE BEST. It is refreshing and totally helps keep makeup fresh and skin nice and supple. Sometimes they have a special gift set of these in minis with a specific order amount. that is a good time to get them and stock up to keep them in purses and for travel! Anyways, I digress….

Benefit Cosmetics Limited Edition Porefessional Pore Minimizing Face Primer $42 (for this Limited edition 2x Larger size. $30 for a the normal .75 fl. oz.)

There is no other primer that works the way this one does for me. It smells great, is so lightweight, and the silicon base in the product makes you look airbrushed. This is the ultimate primer in my eyes.

My Favorite Eyeliners….that aren’t liquid or creme (because that’s a whole different story)

Guerlain Kajal Kohl Eyeliner $37

Now Kajal eyeliners are somewhat unique but not really….here is a little history: Kohl is the historical black eyeliner ingredient for those seductive Cleopatra eyes. While these products get their name from those ultra dark, ultra rich products, it is not FDA approved to actually put Kohl in cosmetics anymore so it is highly unlikely that any product actually uses the mineral that is their namesake. But they are still somewhat unique because Kajal liners are supposed to demonstrate a specific consistency, weight, and wear. They should be somewhat smearable for a smoky eye wear, have a very rich, dark weight and have a fairly creamy and weighty consistency that has good coverage. That is, if they actually draw the actual attributes from their namesake, and not just the exotic sound of the name alone. Anyways…I do really like the Guerlain eyeliner and I know it isn’t everyone’s favorite but still has somewhat of a cult following. They recently upgraded the packaging even though I really enjoyed the old one. I like this product because it is versatile and the stick is actually a sturdy stick, its not too soft like some liners. What I don’t like about this, but it hasn’t swayed me from buying it again yet, is the limited product. The stick that you see above is what you get, it doesn’t sharpen, extend, anything and that can get frustrating when you want a fine tip. Alas, I have still found use for the stubby ends when I get there.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil- $19

This is a great product for the price. You can get it in virtually any color (The black and brown come in full sizes too, don’t worry) and it has such a great, easy, and clean application I have never had to go over it twice. It is such a great value.

Pro Tip: Many higher end companies will also make a sharpener. It is a good idea if you use that brand a lot and care about your cosmetics to buy that sharpener. Companies do this because these sharpeners perfectly match the barrel and shape of the pencils from their lines. This helps prevent breakage and is supposed to create a better tip and smoother shape when you sharpen the pencil.

VERDICT: Unless the other products and polishes included in October are unbeatable, I think I might need to skip again! I have black and brown eye liners that are my go to products perfected by reputable makeup brands (see above). and I don’t need another one to add to my backup pile. Which stinks, because I LOVE Julep Maven boxes for their well curated content, value, and beautiful presentation.

What do you think about Julep’s choices with beauty product additions? Are you excited? Will you be subscribing?

If you are interested in becoming a Julep Maven, sign up here and get your first box free with code: FREEBOX


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