Sneak Peek: Tarte 2013 Holiday gift sets

Tarte just released a sneak peek of their holiday gift set collection. Aside from the fact that it is still September and I am not ready to think about Christmas when I still have Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Fall in general to celebrate, I must say I am pretty excited to see what they came up with. I LOVE holiday gift sets because it means that I can get products I love for a fairly good bundled gift set price and also get some new products to try too. They are usually a great value that I can’t pass up stocking up for myself when I also buy gifts.

So lets take a closer look at these gift sets and if they really are a good value!

I am actually a pretty big fan of Tarte cosmetics. Their Amazonian clay products are some of my favorites and I love their dedication to leaving out harmful ingredients like parabens and phthalates.

Okay, here we go….

FYI: These values are determined by dividing the cost of full size product value per oz, mL, etc. and calculating it for these set product sizes. This is also just purely calculating the cost of the cosmetic product value. It is always important to consider that packaging is factored into that price and definitely can impact values.

Thoughtful Treasures Best Sellers Set $19.00

Deluxe Maracuja Oil, 7mL (.236698 fl. oz) = $6.40

Deluxe Clay blush in Thankful, .053 oz = $6.89

Deluxe lipSurgence in Energy, .06 oz = $14.40

Total Value: $27.69

Total Saved: $8.69

Stop and stare smolderEYES 6 pc liner and lash set $39.00


skinny smolderEYES in onyx, 0.04 oz = $19.00

skinny smolderEYES in auzrite green, 0.04 oz = $19.00

skinny smolderEYES in purple garnet size: 0.04 oz = $19.00

smolderEYES in taupe, 0.056 oz = $22.00

smolderEYES in rose gold, 0.056 oz = $22.00

deluxe lights, camera, flashes statement masacara, 0.17 fl. oz. = $12.78

Total Value: $113.78

Total Saved: $74.78

Brushed by Beauty 5pc. brush collection $59.00


Note: I could not find exact prices for some of these brushes since some have sold out on the website and some seem to not be available yet/out of the set. So I took the best price that I could find for the brush style.

bamboo cream shadow brush = $20.00

undercover lover bamboo concealer brush = $20.00

the buffer airbrush finish bamboo foundation brush = $32.00

double-ended bamboo blush & highlighter brush = $28.00

double-ended bamboo eyeliner & shadow brush $22.00

purple makeup bag  = approx. $10.00 but most people usually consider this a freebie

Total Value: $132.00

Total Saved: $73.00

The best for lash 4 pc deluxe eye set $25.00



lights, camera, flashes mascara, 0.16 fl. oz = $11.85

lights, camera, lashes mascara, 0.16 fl. oz = $12.65

multiplEYE lash enhancing primer, 0.14 fl. oz = $9.63

lights, camera, lashes inner rim liner, 0.0002 oz = $4.22

Total Value: $38.35

Total Saved: $13.35

Rare gem limited-edition picture perfect eyelash curler $19.00


deluxe lights, camera, lashes mascara, 0.10 fl. oz = $7.92

eyelash curler = $16.00 (for the not bedazzled one)

Total Value: $23.92

Total Saved: $4.92

I think that this value is hard to define because I think with the bedazzling it is fair to say the eyelash curler costs $19.00 retail and the mascara is a freebie.

pure delights 8 pc LipSurgence lip set $34.00



8 x LipSurgence lip tints, .06 oz each = $14.40 each = $115.20

Total Value: $115.20

Total Saved: $81.20

Leave her blushing set of 3 deluxe Amazonian clay blushes and blush brush $34.00



3 x Amazonian clay blush, .053 oz each = $12.7 each = $38.16

blush brush = $28.00

Total Value: $66.16

Total Saved: $32.16

The Complete Collection $229.00


Now this is not a special deal for buying all the products. This is what it would cost if you put them all individually in your shopping cart…which is essentially what the website does for you anyways. It is more of a marketing scheme to encourage you to get it all. So nothing unique here but if you tally up all the individual set savings, you are saving  

That is if you actually want all these sets.

Total Value: $517.10

Total Saved: $288.10

      Overall, it is clear that some sets have a higher value than others and if you are looking for value then you know which ones to get, if you are looking for to try a specific product, well, then all of these are really a value. I love value sets because cosmetics don’t usually go on sale so they are the best opportunity to get beauty products at a good price. 


I generally only buy them for people I know are interested because I do have friends that would just not know what to do with some products. Also, everyone has very different reactions to cosmetics and different skin types and preferences so I like to take that into account before I get them something that might make them break out or wonder if I was REALLY shopping with them in mind!

I definitely need the curler for the fact that it is bedazzled but I would love the whole collection, either if it was gifted to me either!


Do you buy beauty products as gifts for people? 

Are there any products in this collection you NEED?!


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