PopSugar Musthave September 2013










This is probably my favorite subscription box because it’s a little bit of everything! So seeing this white and pink package at y door is always so so so exciting!!!

Let’s see what’s inside!!



Barr Co. Diffuser Original Scent $46.00IMG_0626


the Original Scent is a mix of oatmeal, milk, vanilla, and vetiver. When I first read that it sounded very strange. Part food part woodsy fragrance. But when I opened up the oil to smell it, it was a very subtle fragrance. I will have to actually start using it to see how I feel about it. I am pretty easy to please when it comes to fragrance stuff, I like almost everything.  I do love that these are hand crafted in Saint Louis, MO. I love when things have a very personal feel them like knowing the name of the person who makes it!

Shoptiques.com giftcard $25.00


There is no minimum purchase value on these which is nice! They have such cute stuff and I love that it helps support small local boutiques around the world. I will definitely be using this giftcard!!

Kitsch Headbands $15.95


I am not the biggest fan of the hair tie version of these that I have purchased in the past. They are OKAY but I didn’t really understand the hype. Anyways, I was curious about the headbands because I always want to try the new big thing and I am glad I never actually bought them. Now, I have a pretty small head so headbands like this don’t usually stay on me very well. I put one on just now and we will see if it stays. If it does, I’ll keep these for around the house, they definitely wouldn’t make it through a gym visit from all the jumping around. If not, the ones I haven’t used will get gifted!

Sharkies energy chews $1.50

That’s it fruit bars $1.65


Sometimes these extra snacks always just feel like filler but I am actually super excited to try these. I always wanted to try energy chews after seeing people eating them at the gym and I love fruit leather so I hope that the That’s It bar is a better version.

Rifle Paper Co. Coasters $16.00 


I LOVE these! I wish they weren’t paper but they are still so beautiful! I can’t wait to put them on my coffee table!

P.S. You’re Invited Book $26.00 ($17.10 on Amazon)


I looked through this book and liked some of the projects but overall, was not very impressed. Some of these projects seemed lazy and not very creative. There are some I might do though but overall it has a very young reader feel….for instance, there is a cork clutch project that starts with a plastic pencil box…I would never wear a clutch like that out and I am sure most people wouldn’t either. I might do or save notes for the projects I do like and gift this book to a younger girl.

overall the boxes cost about $35.00 a month and this month the value of all the goodies were $132.10. Most of the boxes fall in the range of $100-$180 for the musthave boxes which is nice because they always feel like a good value!

The variety of products means I always find something I love and even if there are things I don’t love they are always great, new, trending products that I can easily gift!

If you loved what was in this box and want to sign up do it HERE. I promise, you won’t be disappointed!!


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