Are you a coffee addict too?

I can’t make it through most mornings without coffee. I love the taste, I love the caffeine rush, and psychologically, it gets me ready to tackle my to do list (I make them for EVERYTHING!)  I am also a Keurig evangelist. I like other methods of coffee brewing too but my go-to brewing method is my Keurig brewer. So when I was offered a BzzAgent Campaign for Green Mountain Coffee I was more than happy to get involved. Beyond being a coffee fiend, it is also exciting to learn about and share with others the importance of Fair Trade Coffee.

GMC put together this great campaign with Kelly Clarkson as she visited Peru to learn more about the importance of Fair Trade. If you don’t know much about it, fair trade is a global effort to ensure that coffee beans are purchased at a fair price from farmers around the world so that they can continue to grow coffee beans and also afford to live. It is an important mission to ensure we take care of people who keep us alive and well, and in the case of coffee, keep us awake and out of the zombie zone!

Now, the important thing besides checking to see if your coffee is Fair Trade, is making sure its strength and flavor is what you like. I love medium and strong coffee since I lighten it up with cream and sugar so I need the stronger stuff to make sure I can still taste it. But if I am drinking it black (this is rare for me) I like mild breakfast blend coffees. GMC has all these roasts and they have some great looking flavors on the GMC website too I’d love to try like Blueberry and Pumpkin.. YUM! I am picky about my flavored coffee though, sometimes it just tastes burnt to me.

This campaign was great for me because I got some great coffee to try that I definitely am going to buy regularly (in both K-cups and 1lb bags for my reusable K-cups), a cool story from Kelly Clarkson and GMC that taught me about Fair Trade coffee, and AMAZING coupons! $1 and $2 off coupons for GMC coffe and 50% off coupons for Keurig brand brewers on!!!!! I was just just about to buy myself a new one because mine, which is 3 years old, is starting to sound pretty angry every time I start it up.  I have a few coupon codes left for both the coffee and the Keurig brewers left so send me a message if you want one!! They expire at the end of the month (10/31/2013)!

Here is my finished cup of GMC as I contemplate having another because it’s so delicious!

photo (1)


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