Influenster VioletVoxBox Reveal

Hello again!!

I know it has been a while and, well, that’s because I made ¬†a big move! A 1800 mile move from St. Louis, MO to Los Angeles, CA! But now that we are settled and well adjusted to work and our new home, I can’t wait to get back to blogging!

And lucky for me, my Influenster Violet Vox Box came in the mail last week so this is the perfect review to get back into the game ūüôāphoto 1-2¬†

According to Influenster, this VoxBox was focused on beauty and some of the elements definitely make this obvious but I think other items get at it in a different way. For instance, the Goody Athletique headband and SoyJoy bar which seem to get at the idea of beauty through being healthy. Anyways…let’s see what this box is all about!

SoyJoy- Dark Chocolate Cherry flavor $1.29 photo 4 

Now, I am lukewarm about this product. I like it because it has this great chalky chocolate flavor that reminds me of ovaltine but it is definitely not my go to fruit bar. I wonder how other people feel about this and if the other flavors are maybe better.

Montagne Juenesse Glacial Clay Spa Mask $2.49photo 1 

I love this mask! It made me feel pampered at home while I enjoyed¬†watching The Mindy Project! Since this was a clay mask it definitely helped my skin somewhat since it helped clear out and tighten pores. As for the others, I am sure they will feel fantastic for a low price but couldn’t remark on how effective they might be for skin issues.

Sally Hansen Triple Shine in Sparks Fly $4.99photo 5 

This polish is great. It definitely needs some color underneath as it is fairly light and just this color alone would require at least three layers to eliminate the sheer quality. It definitely lives up to its name though!

Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo $2.99¬†photo 3¬†

Now this doesn’t have a great review on Ulta for this size but it gets 4 stars if you look at the larger product review. Overall, I like this a lot!! I use some pretty expensive dry shampoo by Oscar Blandi that I LOVE but prefer to save for special occasions where I really to amp up my limp dirty hair. But this NYMCF stuff smells amazing (like baby powder) and is definitely a fraction of the cost. So I will be returning for this brand for my travel size and work back up brand.

Goody Athletique Reversible Quick Dry Headband $6.00 each ($18.00/ 3pack)photo 2So, I must have a funny shaped head because headbands that go all the way around my head NEVER stay on….EVER! I will try this for the sake of trying it and hoping this might be different but in the case it flies off within 10 seconds (which it 99% will) I will be passing it on to a friend. I really wish I would have gotten the hairbrush with the microfiber that other Influenster’s got because that is something I would love to try and have been eyeing at the store for MONTHS!

Oh well…

What do you think of these? Are you interested in trying any of these? Also, if you are interested in joining Influenster send me a message because I have a few invites left and it is quite fun to get these random packages every once and a while and interact with a wonderful community of influencers.