BirchBox February 2014 Us Weekly Edition

I got home and, without thinking about it being Sunday, opened it to find this surprise! Maybe it’s an LA thing or a President’s day weekend thing, but I couldn’t be happier!


photo 2photo 1

This is my first Birchbox….I almost subscribed when it first launched but there were a few things I didn’t like….1. there were a lot of perfume samples and at that time I was working in fragrance…that was  a waste of my money…2. everything felt like a sample size and to me that was less valuable than Ipsy…I know that Ipsy products are definitely a lower price point than some of the Birchbox products but I didn’t really have a need for prestige product samples (working in fragrance also meant I had access to the broader cosmetic brand community) and I am a more bang for your buck kinda person. I buy the prestige products anyways…I liked the idea of spending $10 and getting extra full size products to have around.


But here I am, a year or so later, and now a Birchbox subscriber!! So let’s pull this box apart and see what I got….


First thing first, this box also came with a one year Us Weekly subscription that emailed subscription signup so that’s not here but I’ll start getting it soon and that’s great…because now my guilty pleasure can come straight to me.


photo 1






Skin&Co Truffle Therapy Serum, Full size, $75

This stuff feels like and smells good so I will give it a shot but I have more serums than I know what to do with right now.

photo 2

Hello by Harvey Prince, full size, $55

This is nice and light and fresh. I will be tossing that into my handbag immediately for a nice little afternoon refresher.

photo 3

OPI Sheer Tint in “Don’t Violet me down”, full size, $9

I LOVE this…this is just one layer on my plain nails but I want to try it over white and other colors….it reminds me of the Julep Rock Candy. I will probably be buying this whole collection or sheer tints.

photo 4

Beauty Protector Protect and Oil, Full Size, $25.95

I tend to use the Bb. hairdresser secret oil or whatever it is called. But this stuff is great for when I blow dry or straighten. Which isn’t everyday but fairly frequently.

photo 5


Bonus Item, Harnet and Sons Fine Tea, full size, $9.60 

I know a lot of companies get grief when they send out tea as part of a subscription but as an “extra” I think Birchbox alleviates that tension while also pleasing people like me who LOVE getting tea like this. I went to a conference once where they had these exact teas and definitely stashed a bunch in my purse. They are so wonderful and I will probably be buying them now too.


I think for $10 bucks its one of those easy expenses you forget about and can justify spending even if you don’t have a good month. There are some great things I love but it’s also definitely not my favorite so far. I do like that it ties it into the store and you can earn points, etc. But now Sephora has competition except that this year, I am aiming for that VIB Rouge (okay, let’s not worry about what that spending threshold is).


Find Birchbox interesting? Subscribe here!  If you don’t through a referral link, it can take up to 3 months sitting on a wait list and then only getting 48 hours to claim your subscription!

PopSugar MustHave February 2014


This is most definitely, without a doubt, my FAVORITE subscription box.

It must be the mix of different items that really brings it all together and I find myself really loving a lot of the brands. Wit that said this is my 1 year anniversary box which was exciting. I wish it wasn’t so expensive but it is SO WORTH IT…and sometimes they have good coupon codes.





This was a bonus item and from other peoples reviews, seems to be pretty contentious since it doesn’t really “fit” with the whole Popsugar must have feel. It definitely feels like a marketing piece more than anything since it seems like Dial is trying to promote this new body wash. It’s not like the body washes I tend to use regularly but feels like a nice one to keep in my gym bag.




K. Hall designs Peony Travel candle $11

This candle smells lovely. I do not generally buy small candles like this but I do love them for my bathroom. This item is made by a company from St. Louis, MO……the city I just moved from to come to Los Angeles. This is the second ST. Louis made item in PopSugar boxes…the first was last September or October and it was a diffuser from Barr Co. . This makes me (a.) miss St. Louis (b.) wonder if someone at PopSugar is from there?!!? I am so curious now!!




Nourish Organics Argan Face Serum $24

I haven’t tried this product yet, it sounds wonderful and I love the feel of the brand…. After doing some exploring on their website and Facebook, I am dying to try these handwashes $32 is pretty reasonable! They are only available online and at Whole Foods according to their website.




Sugarwish Candy 

I do not like Cinnamon candy….but I will use these to bake/cook with or give them to someone who does. This package also came with a discount on a gift box. Sugarwish is a candy store that lets you buy in sets…so if you want to send someone gift you pick a 4-8 candy package box, Sugarwish sends them an e-card and lets them pick the candy they want to receive, and then they ship it to them! It is such a fun idea and I can’t wait to send it to someone!!




NCLA polish $16

I have SO MUCH polish and to be honest, I’d rather spend $11 (Maven rate) for a Julep polish and actually use it all then get big sizes like this I hardly get half way through. This is a pretty color and I do like the LA aspect of it but I have a color just like this so it is going into the gift pile. Although, this one is going to get gifted, I do use a nice lavender shade from NCLA that I love.




ModelCo Lip duo $20?

I couldn’t find this just as a single..only in sets…but this is BRILLIANT. I love it and want more so will probably get that set. I am not a gloss person so I don’t know why I am so excited about this but I am always willing to try gloss or, if this doesn’t work I love the concept so much I am willing to get other people to fall in love with it! I see ModelCo in a lot of subscriptions but I think this is the first time I actually have gotten something from them…I do like their innovative packaging though






Gorjana Griffin Jewelry Roll $45 (and gift card)


I NEEDED one of these so I am VERY happy. This is beautiful and will be great to travel with. The color shade of the leather is beautiful so I am very happy about that. Now I can finally stop packing all my little jewelry bags!I like gorjana stuff pretty well so I will probably use the gift card fairly soon….I do need to really clean out my jewelry stash though…


overall, not my favorite PopSugar but as a whole, PSMH is pretty amazing all around so I can never complain.

GlossyBox January 2014

I haven’t subscribed to get a Glossybox since this summer but the minute I heard about the BeautyBlender being the feature item, I couldn’t help myself!! This box got to me pretty late though due to all the storms and bad weather…also, I have a feeling people who subscribe on last minute also get the second wave of shipments…


I do love their packaging though. It truly makes getting their products that much more special…


Beauty Blender Pure and solid cleanser $32.95

I LOVE the pink beauty blender for makeup. So honestly, this is the reason I got this box. My first instinct was to use this for my makeup but I do want to try it out with skincare and see if a sponge like this does feel better than just applying with my fingertips. Also, I haven’t tried the solid cleanser so I am excited about that Personally, I have had better luck with solid cleansers and my sponges than the liquid but I am not sure if this is also different in other ways.







Vichy Aqualia Thermal Riche Cream $31

This is a nice texture but I am addicted to the Benefit Total Moisture Cream. The Vichy doesn’t smell as nice so this will probably go into the travel pile or even into the gift pile.



BellaPierre Mineral Blush $33.45

Personally, I use foundation most days, so mineral blushes don’t work very well… on that note I am interested in makeup along that vane but think I just need to go to a BareMinerals counter or something and learn about the proper application methods and uses….or I can just look up a Youtube video I guess…..any suggestions?



Toni&Guy Sea Salt Spray $16.99

So I tend to religiously use Bumble and bumble sea salt spray but I always love a good one to carry when I travel. Also, it isn’t that I don’t like other brands but I haven’t found one that has the same great smell and the same accessibility…I can find the Bb. one everywhere I shop. Aaaaand, the Bb. one is the original but this is like $10 cheaper….so  you never know!!



BCBGMaxazria Bon Genre perfume $75

I am a perfume addict and will gladly get my hands on it. I don’t love when I get sample samples in boxes because those come to me with every Sephora order, but a nice portable spray or roll-on is a nice addition because if I am going to spend $20 I find myself just reaching for the bigger bottle anyways since half the cost is really just for the packaging/bottle…. can you tell I am a value shopper?

Anyways, this stuff smells pretty good too. It is along the fresher/floral vane of perfumes and if that is your thing, this is a pretty okay scent to add to a rotation… I am not sure if I could only have one fragrance for the rest of my life this would be it though.


GlossyBox is a great subscription but at $21/month it is a little steep considering there are other beauty subs I also subscribe to regularly. But on that note, GlossyBox does GREAT collaborations and I wish they did more because I love those and  would definitely subscribe more often….do you hear me out there GlossyBox?

I Won Oreos!


During one of the award shows (oops….I don’t remember which one!) Nabisco ran a brilliant Oreos twitter campaign where the first 20,000 (or maybe 200,000?) people won a free box of the new limited edition Oreo flavors (Cookie dough or Marshmallow crispy). Well, I won a box! I tweeted as soon as I found out and then forgot all about it…until these arrived at my door! It was such a fun surprise.

And how good are they? AMAZING! At first, I’ll admit I was a little disappointed because I really wanted to try the cookie dough and it sounded a bit more unique but when I started seeing other peoples reviews about this one being better I was okay with what I got. Also, my fiancé loved it and pretty much finished the entire pack before I could get my hands on more….so yes, my household will definitely be buying more on our next grocery trip and hopefully we will pick up a cookie dough pack to try too.

I must say, I liked oreos but wouldn’t pick them over other cookies as a kid but all of these new flavors are so much fun and too hard to pass up.