I Won Oreos!


During one of the award shows (oops….I don’t remember which one!) Nabisco ran a brilliant Oreos twitter campaign where the first 20,000 (or maybe 200,000?) people won a free box of the new limited edition Oreo flavors (Cookie dough or Marshmallow crispy). Well, I won a box! I tweeted as soon as I found out and then forgot all about it…until these arrived at my door! It was such a fun surprise.

And how good are they? AMAZING! At first, I’ll admit I was a little disappointed because I really wanted to try the cookie dough and it sounded a bit more unique but when I started seeing other peoples reviews about this one being better I was okay with what I got. Also, my fiancé loved it and pretty much finished the entire pack before I could get my hands on more….so yes, my household will definitely be buying more on our next grocery trip and hopefully we will pick up a cookie dough pack to try too.

I must say, I liked oreos but wouldn’t pick them over other cookies as a kid but all of these new flavors are so much fun and too hard to pass up.


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