BirchBox March 2013

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I was generally not that interested in Birchbox…I have a lot of product already, I didn’t think it was initially worth the $10 and I generally liked their bigger boxes because they felt a lot more whole than these boxes but none the less I subscribed and now I can’t justify not getting them.

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Bonus Treat:

Ghirardelli Cherry Tango Square $4.25 per bag

This was DELICIOUS! Anything dark chocolate, cherry, or almond gets me so putting all three together was pretty perfect for me. I will be buying a giant bag of these immediately.


photo 3

Michael Todd Pumpkin Facial Mask $32 Full Size

I haven’t tried this product yet. I have the charcoal mask and I have heard great things about this mask too…specifically that it has a great scent because of the pumpkin. Overall, I am excited, I am not a big home mask person.. I tend to like to go to spas and get facials but when I can’t get out to do that I tend to dig through my mask pile to put something on that feels luxurious and relaxing.


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Supergoop! City Sunscreen Serum $20 

This stuff is great. I use a lot of the various Supergoop! products and this travel size will be a nice one to throw in my suitcase.


photo 2

Air Repair Rescue Balm $12

I am so excited to try this. It isn’t the most appealing packaging but it sounds like a perfect product and at $12 a pop for the large size, this could be a really handy thing to have. I’ll let you know if I get it!


photo 3 photo 4


theBalm “How Bout Them Apples?” Sample in “Pie” ~$6 

This is just a sample of the larger 6 piece palette. It is so cute and actually a nice texture with light color which probably would layer well with a nice lip primer. Something I actually might consider buying!

photo 5

Lifestyle Extra:

Greenleaf Candle Co. Starlight Votive Candle $17 Full Size

I smelled this candle the minute I opened the box. It was a very fresh cool scent if that makes sense. It was quite powerful but we will see how it burns. But I must say, I am pretty excited to have gotten candle in a subscription box like BirchBox. I will take any candle any day!

Overall, with the credits earned from reviewing products, BirchBox subscriptions end up costing $5 a month. I also don’t like calculating the totals of these boxes since it is very hard since almost all the products are sample sizes and 1. the pricing guesses aren’t totally accurate and 2. Most of these sample sizes I feel like are hard to ascribe a value to since they are SAMPLE sizes and are generally given out FREE to try and buy products.

If you aren’t a BirchBox subscriber, Join here. There is a wait list though because of how popular it is…it is the original subscription box after all!


Ipsy March 2014

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This month, Ipsy introduced a new approach at their makeup bags. They are incorporating artwork of subscribers which is so cool. I feel like I own a very fun one-of-only-a-few products.

photo 2



BareMinerals Moxie Lipstick in “Get Ready” $18.00 for Full Size

This is a nice dusty rose/nude color. This is a travel size so it’s perfect to toss into my purse. I am not a big BareMinerals fan.. personally, I don’t understand what is so special about their mineral makeup method but their color cosmetics I seem to enjoy like their Lipsticks, eyeshadows, etc.

photo 3


Pacifica Indian Coconut Nectar Body Butter $5.00 Travel Size

I love this brand so this was a great surprise especially since it was a very coveted item. I can always some some more Pacifica!

photo 4

Missha BB Cream $7.00 Sample Size

This shade actually matches me pretty well and I always like an extra BB Cream to carry around. I was originally a BB Cream sceptic because I like my primer and I like my moisturizer and on and on….but now when I am just doing the grocery store run or Sunday errands, I have found that BB Creams are a nice go to for a low key look. I did notice on their site they have VIP pricing and this is for people who spend over $200 a year. We all know how easy that is with cosmetics and it might be something I aim for. I see a few things that I like and I love their packaging too!


photo 5

Bombshell Eyeshadow Palette Quad in Bora Bora $16

I like this quad largely because it is neutral colors I tend to use plus a great teal color too!! Bombshell cosmetics are really middle of the road for me. I wouldn’t pick it first but I get excited to get them because they are pretty good quality. Also, if I did buy stuff from them their pricing is really good too.


I paid $10 and got about $30 worth of product plus an AMAZIN bag. Overall, Ispy is such a fun bag and you should join if you haven’t already!!


PopSugar MustHave March 2014

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My Favorite time of month!!!!!

photo 2

Baublebar Ring Holder

I couldn’t find this item on the Baublebar website so I am going to guess it would be around $13 like the two they did have available.

This was a little “eh” for me. I have a ring holder I love and it’s one of those things that I think isn’t the most interesting or life changing product in a PSMH box.

photo 3

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum $30.00

I haven’t tried this yet but I do really like Jurlique products. All the reviews I am seeing for it are also great too.

photo 1

Mini exercise ball … $10?

Again no price (well there was, but I threw away the card) I am so excited to use this though! Also, my dog is having a ball with it too… no pun intended 😉

photo 2

Snapea Crisps $2.99 ($26.49 for 12 pack)

This are SO DELICIOUS! I know they aren’t as healthy as we like to think but man they are good. I shared it with everyone during a meeting and they were gone in minutes. I’ve had them before but the new packaging is so much nicer than the one they had before.

photo 4

Brokedown Ikat Scarf $72.00

I LOVE this scarf. I also put this on immediately and have been wearing it as much as I can without looking like it’s the only scarf I have!

 photo 5

Dog Eared Necklace $30.00

I put this on IMMEDIATELY. It is so cute and delicate and I love that it is meant to fall off. It makes me pretty intent on keeping it on and excited for the next one I am going to get!!

photo 3

Bonus Item: Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar in Strawberry $7.50 for a pack of 12

This flavor is new and actually not advertised on their website or available to buy on Amazon yet so it must be REALLY new…. I haven’t tried to look for it in stores yet either though. But the other flavors look great too. I packed these for work since I like something to snack on and HOLY COW were they good. They are like a healthier but better version of Fig Newton’s so I will be keeping an eye out for the Strawberry and definitely trying singles of all the other labors to see which ones I want to stock up on.

Overall, I am super happy with this box. I don’t know if I could honestly pick a favorite PSMH because they are all SO GOOD and I get excited every time I open one and disappointed when it’s over because I have to wait another month.

I paid about $35 for this box and received about $150 worth of product

Glossybox February 2014

I am so behind on updating!

Well, and Glossybox was very late this month.

photo 1


I opened the box and got so excited to see a lash curler!

photo 2


Emite Makeup Eyelash Curler- $31.33 after Currency Conversion

I had never heard of this company and now I know why. They are a Scandinavian company that mostly sells in Sweden.

I really like this and am so glad it was introduced to me but because it isn’t really available in the US I am wondering if this was thought through? I would buy it but not to ship all the way from Sweden.

photo 3


Pureology Color Fanatic Spray – $6.00

I don’t understand why I get so many products for color treated hair since I don’t color my hair regularly. Nonetheless, I will probably give this a try since it really just seems like a styling spray with extra nutrients but if it makes my hair feel too dense/oily I will pass it on.

photo 4


OC8 Professional Mattifying Gel $30.00 

I am so excited to try this product It sounds great and when I researched it it gets great reviews. I don’t know how I’ll ever finish this giant bottle though haha.



photo 5

Lauren B. Nail Polish in “City of Angels” $18.00

This is a beautiful color and I love that it is essentially an LA color. I haven’t tried it on yet and have seen mixed reviews on applications but I don’t have a bubblegum pink color so this is a nice addition to my ridiculous polish collection.


Overall, Glossybox runs $21.00 a month and I received $85.00 worth of product. I think I will use most of these and I lucked out with the full size products being the most likely one’s that will be used regularly.

I can never tell if I will like my GlossyBox. I have had mixed feelings and usually cancel and resubscribe when there is a curated box or limited edition.


Influenster J’Adore Box


I love getting Influenster boxes because they are always such an interesting mix of products!

This box contained: Kiss Lashes, Red Rose tea, Hershey Kisses, Boots Botanical clay mask, and Frizz Ease treatment spray.

Some people received a spray on Vaseline lotion for a man in their life. Overall, the Frizz Ease was not relevant to me but all the other stuff was SO USEFUL! I love the Kiss lashes and have received them before. The Tea was delicious and we are still making it through that bag of Hershey’s but who doesn’t love that?


My favorite product so far has been the clay mask. It smells nice and feels great on! Also, I like the Boots brand and like that I can get it at Target.


Did you get the J’Adore box? What did you think of the products?


Julep Maven March 2014

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I was grandfathered into the Julep program before they switched the amount of months you could skip in a year. So I generally skip most months….I have a lot of nail polish and I am not always in love with the colors or styles or beauty products they put out. But this month I was so interested in the Beauty box and some of the colors seemed amazing. They included a freebie candy stick….Julep has given better freebies to put it nicely.

photo 5

Lip Buffer

I haven’t tried it yet, but boy am I excited! This line looks so luxe and I love the idea of the brush tip on this to eliminate extra messi..moest of the lip scrubs I have end up leaving a scattering of sugar across my clothing so I hope this eliminates that!

 photo 4

Lip balm

This stuff also looks so luxurious and the metal tip, although I didn’t try the balm, feels so nice and cooling against my lips and I am sure will be such a nice added touch as I use this through the spring and summer.

Add on colors:

photo 3



I’ll be honest I thought this was a WHITE. I got it because I only have a small bottle of white polish so I wanted to get a back up. This is 100% undoubtably sheer. Will I wear it? hell yeah. This is my favorite polish type because you can’t see it chipping after a day of slapping computer keyboards so it’ll be put to GREAT use but I still need a solid white….and that is my fault for not reading the description because Julep is pretty good at that part. Oh well, guess I’ll just need to get it next time.

photo 2


This color is GORGEOUS! It will definitely be my new favorite color and will probably get all used up this spring…I may have to stock up! I don’t usually go for brights or blues since I hate the chipped nail look and it is inevitable on me but this is just too beautiful to pass up!


What’d you think of this month’s box?!


Birchbox Haul

photo 1

So… it’s official…I am now a Birchbox addict. I had to use my newly earned points and score free shipping and bonuses and an intro 20% off. I am such a sucker for a good deal!


photo 3

Harney and Sons tea is SO GOOD! This one specifically is such a wonderful slightly fruity slightly floral combination that is a perfect afternoon cuppa tea!

photo 2

BeautyBlender duo

These are pricy little buggers but getting them in this duo pack definitely helps minimize the cost. Now if only I could buy them in bulk! They really do make a different in blending ease and results so for anyone who hasn’t tried them….WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!

Bonus Pack: Beauty Protector Conditioner and lotion? I was not totally blown away by this sampler pack. It came free with the box since I spent over $35 (before my applied discounts and credits) and for being free, it was fine. Had I paid $10 otherwise, I would be pissed off.

photo 1photo 4


All in all, with a $20 credit, 20% off, free shipping and a free bonus pack, I paid $11 for this package and I am actually ecstatic about it!