Always on the go… with Fiber One!

I was given the opportunity to sample the new FiberOne Meal Bars in Strawberry and Greek Yogurt and Chocolate Peanut Butter as a BzzAgent. I am usually running around or eating a quick bite at my desk while I manage a variety of different projects that keep me busy day in and day out. At work and at home….I am definitely someone who can’t help but keep myself busy. So this product was really a great fit for me in theory.

While they weren’t my favorite flavors, they definitely provided me with a great start to the day or pick me up. They are packed with lots of fiber and protein and fairly low sugar (compared to many other similar bars) Now, aside from these being great snacks and quick breakfast options, I live in LA and the traffic is just as bad as we say it is…so to be able to have something I can dig into while inching slowly down a street, is pretty darn helpful especially to satisfy that underlying boredom hunger. Don’t you hate when that happens?

Were these my favorite flavors? Definitely not. They were enjoyable but not my favorites by any means. I am very interested in trying the dark chocolate almond though….that sounds right up my alley!

What do you think of meals on the go? I know it’s not the healthiest way to eat but sometimes that’s life!


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