Julep Maven March 2014

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I was grandfathered into the Julep program before they switched the amount of months you could skip in a year. So I generally skip most months….I have a lot of nail polish and I am not always in love with the colors or styles or beauty products they put out. But this month I was so interested in the Beauty box and some of the colors seemed amazing. They included a freebie candy stick….Julep has given better freebies to put it nicely.

photo 5

Lip Buffer

I haven’t tried it yet, but boy am I excited! This line looks so luxe and I love the idea of the brush tip on this to eliminate extra messi..moest of the lip scrubs I have end up leaving a scattering of sugar across my clothing so I hope this eliminates that!

 photo 4

Lip balm

This stuff also looks so luxurious and the metal tip, although I didn’t try the balm, feels so nice and cooling against my lips and I am sure will be such a nice added touch as I use this through the spring and summer.

Add on colors:

photo 3



I’ll be honest I thought this was a WHITE. I got it because I only have a small bottle of white polish so I wanted to get a back up. This is 100% undoubtably sheer. Will I wear it? hell yeah. This is my favorite polish type because you can’t see it chipping after a day of slapping computer keyboards so it’ll be put to GREAT use but I still need a solid white….and that is my fault for not reading the description because Julep is pretty good at that part. Oh well, guess I’ll just need to get it next time.

photo 2


This color is GORGEOUS! It will definitely be my new favorite color and will probably get all used up this spring…I may have to stock up! I don’t usually go for brights or blues since I hate the chipped nail look and it is inevitable on me but this is just too beautiful to pass up!


What’d you think of this month’s box?!



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