BirchBox March 2013

photo 1

I was generally not that interested in Birchbox…I have a lot of product already, I didn’t think it was initially worth the $10 and I generally liked their bigger boxes because they felt a lot more whole than these boxes but none the less I subscribed and now I can’t justify not getting them.

photo 2

Bonus Treat:

Ghirardelli Cherry Tango Square $4.25 per bag

This was DELICIOUS! Anything dark chocolate, cherry, or almond gets me so putting all three together was pretty perfect for me. I will be buying a giant bag of these immediately.


photo 3

Michael Todd Pumpkin Facial Mask $32 Full Size

I haven’t tried this product yet. I have the charcoal mask and I have heard great things about this mask too…specifically that it has a great scent because of the pumpkin. Overall, I am excited, I am not a big home mask person.. I tend to like to go to spas and get facials but when I can’t get out to do that I tend to dig through my mask pile to put something on that feels luxurious and relaxing.


photo 1

Supergoop! City Sunscreen Serum $20 

This stuff is great. I use a lot of the various Supergoop! products and this travel size will be a nice one to throw in my suitcase.


photo 2

Air Repair Rescue Balm $12

I am so excited to try this. It isn’t the most appealing packaging but it sounds like a perfect product and at $12 a pop for the large size, this could be a really handy thing to have. I’ll let you know if I get it!


photo 3 photo 4


theBalm “How Bout Them Apples?” Sample in “Pie” ~$6 

This is just a sample of the larger 6 piece palette. It is so cute and actually a nice texture with light color which probably would layer well with a nice lip primer. Something I actually might consider buying!

photo 5

Lifestyle Extra:

Greenleaf Candle Co. Starlight Votive Candle $17 Full Size

I smelled this candle the minute I opened the box. It was a very fresh cool scent if that makes sense. It was quite powerful but we will see how it burns. But I must say, I am pretty excited to have gotten candle in a subscription box like BirchBox. I will take any candle any day!

Overall, with the credits earned from reviewing products, BirchBox subscriptions end up costing $5 a month. I also don’t like calculating the totals of these boxes since it is very hard since almost all the products are sample sizes and 1. the pricing guesses aren’t totally accurate and 2. Most of these sample sizes I feel like are hard to ascribe a value to since they are SAMPLE sizes and are generally given out FREE to try and buy products.

If you aren’t a BirchBox subscriber, Join here. There is a wait list though because of how popular it is…it is the original subscription box after all!



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