PopSugar MustHave April 2014


Have I mentioned that PSMH is my favorite box?! I know it is on the pricier side but it always has the best products in it!


Nature Box snack pack $5

Nature Box is another subscription service….I have subscribed in the past but I unsubscribed because even with two people in our house, we didn’t always make it through the snacks! As crazy as it sounds, I guess we just aren’t snackers!!



Caldrea Rosewater Driftwood Handsoap $10.50

This soap smells heavenly!! I love Caldrea products and a good soap…it’s already on my kitchen sink!


Graphic Image Pocket Notes $20

I will probably gift this since I tend to stick to moleskins for my pocket notebooks but there was a great coupon with the box for a free iPhone case with any $50 order!


Fresh Pastry Stand Tea Towel Set $18

I can’t decide if I’ll keep these or gift them. I think they are so cute but I am pretty hard on my kitchen towels so I tend to stick with the cheap-o ones because they get tossed pretty often from being beat up from hard use around the kitchen and house (we are pretty clumsy people who spill a lot so the stains on our towels pretty much start the minute we put them in the kitchen)


Blueavocado Eco Shopper $25

I think this is my new favorite shopper. I love that it folds in easily, has a nice sturdy shape and fabric and is so cute! It’s already stashed in my car for the grocery store run…did you know in Los Angeles they’ve banned plastic bags and you must bring your own reusable bag or buy a paper one for 10cents?!

IMG_0932 IMG_0933

Too Faced Natural Eyes $36

Now I am a makeup junkie but for those nude/natural looks I use Urban Decay Naked pretty religiously…so do I keep this for travel or gift it? Tough decisions!

Overall, I will keep most of these and maybe gift some but the value of the box was $114.50 and I paid about $35/month with a 6 months subscription!

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PopSugar Musthave Special Edition

IMG_0934 IMG_0936


This was my first ever Special Edition box!! As a grad student, I couldn’t splurge on the SE boxes since they are usually $100 but finally, I could and I was so excited!!!


Salty Road Salt Water Taffy in Salty Caramel Apple $6.95

Haven’t tried this stuff yet but I am not a huge salt water taffy person so I bet my fiancé will take care of this box!


Epicuren Tropical Lave 8.4 oz $29.99

This stuff smells heavenly! The texture is a little strange (it is very slick and creamy..I don’t want to compare it directly to what I think it feels like but it rhymes with demen) but I am willing to give it a shot to smell like a tropical goddess!


Smashbox Santigold dual eyeliner $24

If you read my previous posts, you know that I am tired of getting black eyeliners…so this was such a nice surprise and I can’t wait to use them…. especially with my blue mascara!!


Clark’s Botanicals Cellular Lifting Moisture Mist $46

I LOVE this stuff! I love having mists to spray on before bed, when I wakeup, and after I set my makeup to really wake myself up. I usually use Shu Uemera del sea mist but this will be a nice change for a little bit!


Sisco Berluti Bracelet Stack $176

I had never heard of Sisco Berluti but holy cow these are expensive and it’s awesome we got a set in our boxes!!! They are gorgeous but I almost feel like this would be an even better gift so I will have to think about whether I go ahead and use them or set them aside for a perfect gift opportunity!



Cuyana Turkish Towel $55

I love this towel!! It is very lightweight and a very nice soft cotton. It is definitely not the terry fowl that’ll dry you up fast but it’s great for lounging!


R.B. of McD Clutch #2 $280.00 

This clutch was made exclusively for PopSugar but there are similar ones like it that are made with all leather so I would estimate our special edition one worth about $150. It is pretty small when folded over but will come to great use over the summer for evening events!

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Birchbox April 2014




Birchbox came with a tip for a rainy day..you can buy the whole set for $10



Color Club polish in Gold Struck $8 for .5 fl. oz

This mini bottle is .25 fl. oz so it is worth about $4.  This color is a shimmery gold. It is just fine but no competition with some of my other favorite brands and colors.


Sumita eyeliner in black $11

I have enough black eyeliner to last for a looooooooooong time. I will use it but I probably don’t need any others any time soon. I would love fun bright colors though!!


Gilchrist and Soames BeeKind body lotion $15

I don’t love this lotion. It has a really basic scent and is not very rich so it will either get traded or go into a travel bag.


Atelier Cologne Orange Saguine $105-170

This is a blood orange fragrance and I LOVE it! It is so wonderful and fresh but still has great depth. My only gripe with this fragrance is it is very expensive for a cologne….. cologne’s do not last as long as eau de perfums because they have less essential oils and fragrance.

This packaging is so pretty too. I actually received this same sample from an online order I placed through Sephora too.


Kind Healthy Grains bar with pumpkin seeds, maple, and sea salt. $11.88 for a case of 15

Now, this is no Uber bar…(Have you had those?! They are out of this world!) but it is pretty good. It has a very light flavor but will satisfy a snack craving…but I am not compelled to buy these unless there is a good sale.


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Ipsy Glam Bag April 2014




This month’s glambag (or makeup bag)  had a record design on it…although not as exciting as incorporating artwork from a fan, it’s also not the most boring bag I’ve gotten!





Demeter Jasmine Roll On Perfume Oil $10

This stuff is great! I am a big perfume junkie so there aren’t many I don’t like and can’t find an occasion to wear but I know Jasmine isn’t everyone’s favorite..it is very powdery and used in a lot of “old lady” perfumes…so I am curious as to what other Ipsy subscribers think who got this rollerball.


Urban Decay 24/7 VELVET glide-on pencil $20

This is different than the regular 24/7 glide…the claim is this one is more velvety than creamy…I think it is still a rich black and goes on nicely…I feel like the velvet vs. creamy might only matter most to more sophisticated makeup artists but for me, it might go a little under appreciated for what it could possibly be…although I’m not sure…it could always just be a marketing thing!


Mary Kay @ Play lipgloss in Berry Me $10

I don’t love lipgloss and I don’t love Mary Kay….I think there are just much better products out there than MK and when it comes to selling makeup (ok jewelry and purses are different) I think there is something really wrong with not having the right background, not working in a store as a trained artist, and being required to buy your own makeup to sell just seems wrong…but maybe I am missing something?! This is going to go in a swap pile.




Rainbow Honey nailpolish in Midnight Fountain ~$4.20

At first I didn’t think I was going to keep this because I have SO MUCH POLISH! But then I remembered I am running out of my favorite sparkly blue so I think this will stay with me! It’s a perfect blue shade (I know, not visible in the picture) that reminds me of classic vintage vinyl diner booths or a really nice sparkly blue car….


Dr. Brandt microdermabrasion $78

This is a very pricey product…although the sample probably provides about $10 in product, the full size is up there in cost compared to other exfoliants. With that said, I don’t know if it is worth the high price tag considering it has the exfoliating pearls that are present in so many other scrubs but no other active ingredients that might make it more special. I’ll use it but I’m not sure I would buy the full size!


Overall I received about $40 in products and some I will use and others will go to good homes. Nonetheless, I LOVE the Ipsy subscription because it has exposed me to great products and it is always a fun bag to get in the mail….Are you a subscriber yet? SIGN UP HERE!