Birchbox April 2014




Birchbox came with a tip for a rainy can buy the whole set for $10



Color Club polish in Gold Struck $8 for .5 fl. oz

This mini bottle is .25 fl. oz so it is worth about $4.  This color is a shimmery gold. It is just fine but no competition with some of my other favorite brands and colors.


Sumita eyeliner in black $11

I have enough black eyeliner to last for a looooooooooong time. I will use it but I probably don’t need any others any time soon. I would love fun bright colors though!!


Gilchrist and Soames BeeKind body lotion $15

I don’t love this lotion. It has a really basic scent and is not very rich so it will either get traded or go into a travel bag.


Atelier Cologne Orange Saguine $105-170

This is a blood orange fragrance and I LOVE it! It is so wonderful and fresh but still has great depth. My only gripe with this fragrance is it is very expensive for a cologne….. cologne’s do not last as long as eau de perfums because they have less essential oils and fragrance.

This packaging is so pretty too. I actually received this same sample from an online order I placed through Sephora too.


Kind Healthy Grains bar with pumpkin seeds, maple, and sea salt. $11.88 for a case of 15

Now, this is no Uber bar…(Have you had those?! They are out of this world!) but it is pretty good. It has a very light flavor but will satisfy a snack craving…but I am not compelled to buy these unless there is a good sale.


What do you think of Birchbox this month? Join here!



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