PopSugar MustHave April 2014


Have I mentioned that PSMH is my favorite box?! I know it is on the pricier side but it always has the best products in it!


Nature Box snack pack $5

Nature Box is another subscription service….I have subscribed in the past but I unsubscribed because even with two people in our house, we didn’t always make it through the snacks! As crazy as it sounds, I guess we just aren’t snackers!!



Caldrea Rosewater Driftwood Handsoap $10.50

This soap smells heavenly!! I love Caldrea products and a good soap…it’s already on my kitchen sink!


Graphic Image Pocket Notes $20

I will probably gift this since I tend to stick to moleskins for my pocket notebooks but there was a great coupon with the box for a free iPhone case with any $50 order!


Fresh Pastry Stand Tea Towel Set $18

I can’t decide if I’ll keep these or gift them. I think they are so cute but I am pretty hard on my kitchen towels so I tend to stick with the cheap-o ones because they get tossed pretty often from being beat up from hard use around the kitchen and house (we are pretty clumsy people who spill a lot so the stains on our towels pretty much start the minute we put them in the kitchen)


Blueavocado Eco Shopper $25

I think this is my new favorite shopper. I love that it folds in easily, has a nice sturdy shape and fabric and is so cute! It’s already stashed in my car for the grocery store run…did you know in Los Angeles they’ve banned plastic bags and you must bring your own reusable bag or buy a paper one for 10cents?!

IMG_0932 IMG_0933

Too Faced Natural Eyes $36

Now I am a makeup junkie but for those nude/natural looks I use Urban Decay Naked pretty religiously…so do I keep this for travel or gift it? Tough decisions!

Overall, I will keep most of these and maybe gift some but the value of the box was $114.50 and I paid about $35/month with a 6 months subscription!

Join Popsugar now and get great boxes like this!



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