PopSugar Musthave Special Edition

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This was my first ever Special Edition box!! As a grad student, I couldn’t splurge on the SE boxes since they are usually $100 but finally, I could and I was so excited!!!


Salty Road Salt Water Taffy in Salty Caramel Apple $6.95

Haven’t tried this stuff yet but I am not a huge salt water taffy person so I bet my fiancé will take care of this box!


Epicuren Tropical Lave 8.4 oz $29.99

This stuff smells heavenly! The texture is a little strange (it is very slick and creamy..I don’t want to compare it directly to what I think it feels like but it rhymes with demen) but I am willing to give it a shot to smell like a tropical goddess!


Smashbox Santigold dual eyeliner $24

If you read my previous posts, you know that I am tired of getting black eyeliners…so this was such a nice surprise and I can’t wait to use them…. especially with my blue mascara!!


Clark’s Botanicals Cellular Lifting Moisture Mist $46

I LOVE this stuff! I love having mists to spray on before bed, when I wakeup, and after I set my makeup to really wake myself up. I usually use Shu Uemera del sea mist but this will be a nice change for a little bit!


Sisco Berluti Bracelet Stack $176

I had never heard of Sisco Berluti but holy cow these are expensive and it’s awesome we got a set in our boxes!!! They are gorgeous but I almost feel like this would be an even better gift so I will have to think about whether I go ahead and use them or set them aside for a perfect gift opportunity!



Cuyana Turkish Towel $55

I love this towel!! It is very lightweight and a very nice soft cotton. It is definitely not the terry fowl that’ll dry you up fast but it’s great for lounging!


R.B. of McD Clutch #2 $280.00 

This clutch was made exclusively for PopSugar but there are similar ones like it that are made with all leather so I would estimate our special edition one worth about $150. It is pretty small when folded over but will come to great use over the summer for evening events!

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