Benefit Boutique and Sephora Haul May 2013



I am such a sucker for new products and a good sale or value set. So it should be no surprise that, come spring, I am getting shipments or picking up extra every time I shop beauty brands. I was in Benefit and picked up some extras after my brow wax


New lip balms $18  These are brand new so of course I had to have them. They are balms with a very slight tint in the same shades as the cult classic cheek tints. These are very light but pretty hydrating and they have a nice scent and flavor…a little fresh a little sweet. Overall, I am not sure they warrant the $18 price tag but they are alright and I threw them all into my handbags so now I never will have dry lips.



Hydrating Mist $26 Now, I LOVE face mists but hate how expensive they can be. I usually get Shu Uemura but I didn’t have time to order and wait for shipment so I went to my second favorite: Benefit’s Hydrating Mist. This mist smells amazing and is so refreshing and cooling.


On to my sephora haul… so I love the “Sephora Favorites” sets and it was 3x fragrance points soooo…….


Meet your Match $25 This is the top set in the box and it is 3 shades of polish and lip gloss: nude, coral, and fuchsia. I like this set because it’s so cute with the minis and nice for travel….not sure it’s worth $25 but I have it so I’ll use it instead of going through the hassle to return it.

Summer Stash $45 This is the set with the gold chevron canvas bag. This had a lot more than the “Meet your Match” set but still all minis. I also am not sure why they include the stila foil eyeshadow because you need the primer to use it! That’s a bit annoying actually but all the other thing’s I’ll use. I am especially looking forward to the Marc Jacobs mascara!

Bonus extra samples: Dior addict lipstick samples, Living proof shampoo, Nest fragrance, and a stack of other fragrance blotters/postcards. All going to the travel set box I have…




Also, last but not least I ordered the Bottled Dreams set ($58) You get the mini’s plus a full size bottle of your favorite from the set (1.0 or 1.7 fl. oz bottle) This is a pretty good deal since it’s either difficult to get the mini bottles ( I am a collector…are you?) or you have to buy a full size. so I like that they are this size and not the 2 time vial samples. This box included Florabotanica, Elizabeth and James Nirvana White and Black, Gucci Guilt, Lancome La Vie Est Belle, Juicy Couture, Bulgari Omnia, and Burberry Body Tender. I already own Florabotanica, Burberry Body (EDP) and Bulgari Omnia so those are just nice extras. I am seriously considering Nirvana Black, Gucci Guilt, and the Lancome Fragrance….any suggestions?!


Bonus extras: I got a second Dior Addict sample set and Nest fragrance sample, and a Nars tinted moisturizer sample. I also redeemed a code for a free mini fragrance and chose the Dolce by D&G because I’ve been dying to try it…and I just bought it on Groupon for $20 off and %15 Ebates rewards!!

Ipsy May 2014

photo 1

I LOVE this is a cotton bag with a very “eco” flair. Personally, it’s a great durable bag with a lot of flexibility for me to pack small things in and throw into my handbag.

photo 2


Purlisse Moisturizer – This is a nice moisturizer that I have sampled before and am excited to have a travel size. I am stocked up on moisturizer now or else I probably would buy the full size.

Hey Honey peel mask – I LOVE this. I tried it tonight and it feels great when you first put it on since it is very cooling. You do need to be sure you leave it on long enough so that it peels correctly or else it will just be messy. If you do let it dry long enough, it peels off so easy and is definitely a fun treatment.

Derme microdermabrasion scrub – I haven’t tried this yet but it is a scrub materials so I might use a little on my face and more of it on my body. These things are nice to have around though even though I don’t use scrubs like this on my face very often since they tend to be harsh.

Hang Ten sunscreen – you can never have too much sunscreen! I love throwing these in my bags but after so many different brands, none start to really feel unique after awhile and I am not sure if this will really stand out enough for me to go buy this over other more recognizable brands.

Pacifica Eyeshadow duo – the release of Pacifica makeup has been ahot topic. They have become such a cult favorite for their fragrances and then their 7 free polishes and now makeup. I can’t wait to try this and hope I like their beauty products as much as their nice luxury and organic skincare and fragrances.



What’d you think of this month’s Ipsy?


I am going to BeautyGen 2014 on May 31st and I must say I am SO EXCITED!!!!

Julep Mystery Box #2 May 2014 and add-on

photo 3photo 1



I don’t usually get mystery boxes anymore since I have a lot of polish at this point in time but I figured I would just go for it with this one. So when I opened it I was definitely hoping for more product than polish but this month was a good mix of both! I opened it to find a nail file, forget me nots and a mini top coat. I LOVE this topcoat so a mini was great for travel… and I can always use extra files…but now I have too many forget-me-not seeds so will need to find a good home for them!

photo 4

I was SUPER excited to see a box of TA DA! fast dry drops and Vanish cuticle remover. I go through TA DA fast and I was really interested in trying Vanish so this worked out great because I almost made it an add on but decided to wait!

photo 5


I also got (from left to right)

Celia (shimmery silver-teal green) New to me but not really a color I wear but maybe I will keep it for my toes

Candace (dark shimmery silver with bronze and gild metallic polish) also not my first color pick but may keep it for toes and winter. I am such a fan of creme colors though so this also may just have to go into the gift pile…are you also addicted to the idea of just having every shade you don’t have though?!

Michelle (navy creme) I love this color because its dark and rich…can’t wait to wear it but with all the fun brights for summer it might be awhile..or only stay on for one day.

Carol (sheer creme pink) I am such a fan of colors like this because they are so easy to wear and my nails chip so often (I’m talking within 24 hours) that I need something that isn’t obvious or I can easily reapply.

Estelle (black with silver and multicolor glitter) I wish I could explain this color better or even show it better because it is GORGEOUS and I cannot wait to wear it!

photo 2

Finally the Add-on had a travel size rock star hand creme (which will be great in my work drawer) and these colors (from left to right):

Emilie (emerald green creme) This is definitely not a color I would pick for myself but will probably try since it is a nice shade of green that can be a little neutral

Casper (glow in the dark) This is a dupe for me and while I would love to be wearing my original casper more, I guess I am just never in a place where glow in the dark can really glow in the dark hah!

Tatum (shimmery bright green) This is a fun color as you can tell since it is the brightest in the bunch but definitely not my style and I can’t even imagine a time I would wear it…I don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s day like I used to.

Valerie (rich emerald green with gold shimmer) This is also a dupe for me from the october box and I love this color a lot so this is one dupe I might keep…which is a crazy thing for me to say!

Gayle (aubergine creme) This color is great and while I love purples I never buy them for myself… my process in buying colors is so terrible… I rebuy colors I have and stray from colors I want every time I look at what my collection is lacking.. I need to write them down and check my list. So after that short and unjust explanation, I can sat that getting this color is definitely a win for me.



Which Mystery Box did you get?!



PopSugar MustHave May 2014

photo 3


This month’s PopSugar MustHave was interesting….

First of all, I ordered the resort box..and because of the delay I was supposed to get an extra lip balm product but I didn’t receive that was a shame because I was definitely looking forward to it. (update: I contacted them and they are shipping me one 🙂 Talk about great customer service!)

Second, I can’t say I am over the moon about even half of this box.

Tone It Up One Day Fat Blast – Value $10

I might try this but I really like my current workout regimen… I am big into apps and just being outdoors!

Zing Anything Citrus Zinger – Value $17

I have one of these from a Fancy box last year.

Smell Bent St. Tropez Dispenser – Value $45

Probably my favorite item in the box. it is very strong though so I wouldn’t recommend it to people who aren’t obsessed with fragrance like me or don’t enjoy the smell of sunscreen (really, that is what it is supposed to mimic and it does it VERY WELL)

Obessive Compulsive Cosmetics Nail Lacquer in Pool Boy – Value $10

I may or may not keep this. I tend to not stick with polishes that aren’t Julep…anything bigger than Julep seems to feel like I can never use it up!

Kerry Cassill Eye Mask – Value $24

Sleep masks always fall off me no matter what I do so this item is a lost cause for me.

Hi, I’m Skinny Sticks in Multi-Grain Sweet Onion – Value $4

 meh these are okay but my fiancé will eat them


Birchbox May 2014

photo 2

I LOVE the concept of this month’s Birchbox


The inside of the box is great and I will totally use it as a drawer organizer and I will definitely be using that 25 off for Kate Space Saturday. (Maybe on THESE totally adorable sandals?! )


Also, I must say, I think for one of the first times ever, I am totally, completely, 100% happy with what I received?!


I will use that Beauty Protector shampoo and conditioner immediately and really hope it is a good fit for my hair as I’d love to get a new line to switch up my current routine (ever feel like your hair needs to have a product change so it doesn’t get too dull? )

I have been DYING to try those mints!!! I almost even bought them a few months ago without ever having tried them just because they sounded so cool…they are pretty cool…more fun than refreshing but definitely a nice little addition to my magic back of tricks (AKA my extra large handbag) I will be getting these ASAP

Can’t ever go wrong with a travel size Supergoop sunscreen. I am pretty bad about putting on sunscreen and that is one of my biggest resolutions this summer… be proactive about putting it on! I want to try the mister and wonder if that’ll help encourage me to put it on more regularly.


Laqa & Co Lip Lip Pencil  this little guy went right into my bag. It is such a pretty summer color and it feels so good on…I do need to reapply pretty regularly, but it’s definitely not one of those products you get and use for the long wear effectiveness.


Overall, I was SO HAPPY with my Birchbox this month…products, box, and all!

How about you?


If you don’t get Birchbox yet….sign up HERE!


Montagne Jeunesse Mask Giveaway!

Happy Mother’s Day! And to celebrate, I am excited to bring my reader’s an exclusive giveaway through Montagne Jeunesse!


I received a few masks to try from MJ and was so excited I actually couldn’t wait…so I tried the Aloe Vera Face Spa Mask and that’s why it isn’t featured below.


photo 1-3

Now, I’ve used these in the past.. You can find them at Ulta almost anywhere but I have never tried these varieties so this was great. I have only tried  a self heating mask so it was great to see the other possible options…which there are SO MANY!



The Aloe Vera Face Spa Mask was great! It was very hydrating and cooling and felt so relaxing on…my only quip with this mask is it is one size so if you have a smaller face shape stick to the ones that you apply and wipe or peel off. But a day later, I must say, my skin feels AH-MAZING!


Montagne Jeunesse Masks are amazing because:

  1. They are only $1.99 to $2.49…. SAY WHAT?!
  2. They use natural ingredients
  3. They DON’T do animal testing
  4. They have so many masks: peels, clay, fabric, aloe, chocolate, green tea, self heating, the list goes on! You name it, they have it.



So don’t wait! Enter this amazing sweepstakes to win 1 of 50 mask and run and pick some up at your local Ulta…you won’t regret it….and if you do, I will personally buy any extras you have.. I mean it.


Enter Here!

Allure Beauty Box May 2014


This is my FIRST Allure Beauty Box….I have always seen them but have never made it in time to actually get it! They sell out in SECONDS!

Anyways, I am an Allure Beauty Enthusiast and they offered their community members the opportunity to buy the next 3 boxes for 199 plus tax…. this was a pretty great deal (okay, some people didn’t think it was because it ended up costing about the same) since it ensured I didn’t have to worry about accessing and purchasing the boxes each season from the website. I am the kinda girl who will pay a little extra for the joy of convenience.


But since this was my first box, boy, was I excited! Now this is usually a mix of drugstore and speciality store products… with the majority being lower end priced products. All in all, a pretty good mix though.



Softsoap Sea Kissed Exfoliating Body Wash and Dove Purely Pampering Body Wash.

I am not a big drugstore body wash person, I tend to lean towards luxury brands because the scents are so enticing compared to like green apple and fresh mountain scents but that doesn’t mean that if I get drugstore body washes I won’t use them! I think these’ll do me just fine and I can probably get behind the Dove and maybe the Softsoap one will pleasantly surprise me!


So many hair products! I kid you not, I have like 3 full size hairsprays here! I don’t know if I will ever use them all but heck, I can sure try?!

This mix of hair products includes hairspray, dry conditioner, thermal cream, paste, argan oil serum, renewal hair treatment, and an anti aging treatment. I will not be using the not your mother’s and developlus products because my hair does not neat any sort of renewal treatment or anti aging treatment since it is really healthy. I will use the heat serums and products though for when I blow dry… you know, to keep these healthy locks, extra healthy. I am extra excited for the Rusk and Big Sexy Hair hairsprays!


Here are the cosmetic products now! Rimmel and Tarte mascaras, Revlon and Cargo glosses, and an IT Cosmetics CC cream. Just from my memory, this feels like it is less cosmetics than normal. But then again, what do I know? This is my first box! I am excited to have another Tarte mascara and to try the IT Cosmetics CC Cream. I also am a pretty avid user of the Revlon sticks so they’ve already won my hear there.


Finally, body and nail products. So, I got what I thought was everything out of the box and then looked at the listed products and realized I was missing a Flower nail polish so I had to dig through the box and eventually found it! So excited to since, for a drugstore brand, I do really like what they offer (omg cheapest and best brow filler pencil EVER!) The polish formulas are here and there…some are great, and some are terrible but I am not a chemist so I don’t know if it depends on color, blend, batch, whatever. anyways, this stuff happens with good polishes too, I’ve had my bad selection of Julep even!

Anyways, I am excited for that amazing Sally Hansen metallic color and you can never go wrong with an extra top coat!

I am DYING over the Rembrandt paste. Boy, do I love a good whitening product!

I will probably not be using the Tan towels, I have used tanning things and failed miserably and just try to avoid them at all this will get gifted and it will be loved by someone who knows how to use them. But other than that, I am SO EXCITED for the sunscreen (I know, a little strange..) The cleansing cloths and the moisturizer…even though I have a few I need to use up first.



Overall, I am a big fan and don’t know if I can go back to ignorant bliss of missing these boxes and just thinking… “Oh well, there’s always next time” From now on, I can’t see myself going on without scoring these boxes… I am a dedicated believer and really do hope that they have a GREAT response to this package deal and keep offering them …. to enthusiasts only of course!…can’t run the risk of these packages selling out either 😉


What Item are you looking forward to the most?