Birchbox May 2014

photo 2

I LOVE the concept of this month’s Birchbox


The inside of the box is great and I will totally use it as a drawer organizer and I will definitely be using that 25 off for Kate Space Saturday. (Maybe on THESE totally adorable sandals?! )


Also, I must say, I think for one of the first times ever, I am totally, completely, 100% happy with what I received?!


I will use that Beauty Protector shampoo and conditioner immediately and really hope it is a good fit for my hair as I’d love to get a new line to switch up my current routine (ever feel like your hair needs to have a product change so it doesn’t get too dull? )

I have been DYING to try those mints!!! I almost even bought them a few months ago without ever having tried them just because they sounded so cool…they are pretty cool…more fun than refreshing but definitely a nice little addition to my magic back of tricks (AKA my extra large handbag) I will be getting these ASAP

Can’t ever go wrong with a travel size Supergoop sunscreen. I am pretty bad about putting on sunscreen and that is one of my biggest resolutions this summer… be proactive about putting it on! I want to try the mister and wonder if that’ll help encourage me to put it on more regularly.


Laqa & Co Lip Lip Pencil  this little guy went right into my bag. It is such a pretty summer color and it feels so good on…I do need to reapply pretty regularly, but it’s definitely not one of those products you get and use for the long wear effectiveness.


Overall, I was SO HAPPY with my Birchbox this month…products, box, and all!

How about you?


If you don’t get Birchbox yet….sign up HERE!



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