Julep Mystery Box #2 May 2014 and add-on

photo 3photo 1



I don’t usually get mystery boxes anymore since I have a lot of polish at this point in time but I figured I would just go for it with this one. So when I opened it I was definitely hoping for more product than polish but this month was a good mix of both! I opened it to find a nail file, forget me nots and a mini top coat. I LOVE this topcoat so a mini was great for travel… and I can always use extra files…but now I have too many forget-me-not seeds so will need to find a good home for them!

photo 4

I was SUPER excited to see a box of TA DA! fast dry drops and Vanish cuticle remover. I go through TA DA fast and I was really interested in trying Vanish so this worked out great because I almost made it an add on but decided to wait!

photo 5


I also got (from left to right)

Celia (shimmery silver-teal green) New to me but not really a color I wear but maybe I will keep it for my toes

Candace (dark shimmery silver with bronze and gild metallic polish) also not my first color pick but may keep it for toes and winter. I am such a fan of creme colors though so this also may just have to go into the gift pile…are you also addicted to the idea of just having every shade you don’t have though?!

Michelle (navy creme) I love this color because its dark and rich…can’t wait to wear it but with all the fun brights for summer it might be awhile..or only stay on for one day.

Carol (sheer creme pink) I am such a fan of colors like this because they are so easy to wear and my nails chip so often (I’m talking within 24 hours) that I need something that isn’t obvious or I can easily reapply.

Estelle (black with silver and multicolor glitter) I wish I could explain this color better or even show it better because it is GORGEOUS and I cannot wait to wear it!

photo 2

Finally the Add-on had a travel size rock star hand creme (which will be great in my work drawer) and these colors (from left to right):

Emilie (emerald green creme) This is definitely not a color I would pick for myself but will probably try since it is a nice shade of green that can be a little neutral

Casper (glow in the dark) This is a dupe for me and while I would love to be wearing my original casper more, I guess I am just never in a place where glow in the dark can really glow in the dark hah!

Tatum (shimmery bright green) This is a fun color as you can tell since it is the brightest in the bunch but definitely not my style and I can’t even imagine a time I would wear it…I don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s day like I used to.

Valerie (rich emerald green with gold shimmer) This is also a dupe for me from the october box and I love this color a lot so this is one dupe I might keep…which is a crazy thing for me to say!

Gayle (aubergine creme) This color is great and while I love purples I never buy them for myself… my process in buying colors is so terrible… I rebuy colors I have and stray from colors I want every time I look at what my collection is lacking.. I need to write them down and check my list. So after that short and unjust explanation, I can sat that getting this color is definitely a win for me.



Which Mystery Box did you get?!




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