Benefit Boutique and Sephora Haul May 2013



I am such a sucker for new products and a good sale or value set. So it should be no surprise that, come spring, I am getting shipments or picking up extra every time I shop beauty brands. I was in Benefit and picked up some extras after my brow wax


New lip balms $18  These are brand new so of course I had to have them. They are balms with a very slight tint in the same shades as the cult classic cheek tints. These are very light but pretty hydrating and they have a nice scent and flavor…a little fresh a little sweet. Overall, I am not sure they warrant the $18 price tag but they are alright and I threw them all into my handbags so now I never will have dry lips.



Hydrating Mist $26 Now, I LOVE face mists but hate how expensive they can be. I usually get Shu Uemura but I didn’t have time to order and wait for shipment so I went to my second favorite: Benefit’s Hydrating Mist. This mist smells amazing and is so refreshing and cooling.


On to my sephora haul… so I love the “Sephora Favorites” sets and it was 3x fragrance points soooo…….


Meet your Match $25 This is the top set in the box and it is 3 shades of polish and lip gloss: nude, coral, and fuchsia. I like this set because it’s so cute with the minis and nice for travel….not sure it’s worth $25 but I have it so I’ll use it instead of going through the hassle to return it.

Summer Stash $45 This is the set with the gold chevron canvas bag. This had a lot more than the “Meet your Match” set but still all minis. I also am not sure why they include the stila foil eyeshadow because you need the primer to use it! That’s a bit annoying actually but all the other thing’s I’ll use. I am especially looking forward to the Marc Jacobs mascara!

Bonus extra samples: Dior addict lipstick samples, Living proof shampoo, Nest fragrance, and a stack of other fragrance blotters/postcards. All going to the travel set box I have…




Also, last but not least I ordered the Bottled Dreams set ($58) You get the mini’s plus a full size bottle of your favorite from the set (1.0 or 1.7 fl. oz bottle) This is a pretty good deal since it’s either difficult to get the mini bottles ( I am a collector…are you?) or you have to buy a full size. so I like that they are this size and not the 2 time vial samples. This box included Florabotanica, Elizabeth and James Nirvana White and Black, Gucci Guilt, Lancome La Vie Est Belle, Juicy Couture, Bulgari Omnia, and Burberry Body Tender. I already own Florabotanica, Burberry Body (EDP) and Bulgari Omnia so those are just nice extras. I am seriously considering Nirvana Black, Gucci Guilt, and the Lancome Fragrance….any suggestions?!


Bonus extras: I got a second Dior Addict sample set and Nest fragrance sample, and a Nars tinted moisturizer sample. I also redeemed a code for a free mini fragrance and chose the Dolce by D&G because I’ve been dying to try it…and I just bought it on Groupon for $20 off and %15 Ebates rewards!!


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