Review: Coppertone

I have been working on campaigns with BzzAgent for quite some time now. The other week, I actually received one of my more recent campaign offers: Coppertown Clearly Sheer. This is a pretty fun but also practical campaign.


Clearly Sheer is a new product line part of the Coppertone family that is meant to provide a lighter weight but as effective coverage. It aims to provide a very sheer coverage that doesn’t require much rubbing in and doesn’t clog pores and doesn’t leave a white film like some other sunscreens can.


I didn’t want to write this review too soon because I really wanted to try the product out and share with everyone the benefits I experienced over time. Since I’ve had some time to try the line, I can definitely see the innovation in this product and must say, I am now a huge fan of the spray on cans!!


photo 1 I received some of the spray on and cream varieties to try. The small versions came in handy and were a great way to share with others so they could try too!

photo 2I kid you not, this is exactly what the spray looked like after application!

photo 3 This is what the cream looked like, a little mess matte and sheer but definitely not white and milky like some sunscreens.


These products are definitely true to their name!


Overall, I liked them, I really like the application of a spray can and although I have never tried them before, I probably will always pick them up first if possible from now on!


What is your favorite sunscreen?



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