Review: Proactiv Makeup Cleansing Wipes

Proactiv had a booth at GenBeauty and I was lucky enough to walk away with a full size makeup cleansing wipes after participating in some fun activities. Now, I was NEVER a Proactiv person. I remember the commercials and I remember kids in school who would use it but I never really had bad skin so there wasn’t really a reason for me to get a whole acne clearing routine.

Since getting into my twenties I began to notice some “acne” popping up. Now I know that some of this has to do with makeup, water composition, hormones etc. Overall, I am pretty good for caring for it but it definitely takes specific products to manage it.

So, I was very excited to try these makeup cleansing wipes. I am not sure if they have special qualities that combat acne but my focus was on how well they did what they were supposed to do: get all the makeup off!

SO I am comparing these to the Cetaphil makeup wipes that I received in my Allure Beauty Box a month or so ago. I was excited to try the Cetaphil wipes because I usually use Neutrogena but I had been hearing such good reviews about Cetaphil. Well, I must say, I was not impressed. They felt very dry and I felt like  I really needed to rub to get my makeup off. So while I wasn’t generally happy with them they did do the job okay and I was compelled to finish the pack off.

Enter Proactiv wipes.

When I got my Proactive wipes I figured it would be a good chance to try another new wipe and see how they compared! So to test how good these wipes were at getting makeup off, I used each one to wipe half of the makeup off my face after a full day of work. Here is what I got:

Left: Proactiv

Right: Cetaphil



Now you can tell that they both get the mascara off really well (the really dark blotches) but I was amazed to see that Proactiv was so much more effective than Cetaphil! Look at all that dirt, eyeshadow, and bronzer it got off compared to the Cetaphil wipes! First of all, the Proactiv is much more most which I think helps to lubricate and remove the makeup when rubbing. Secondly, I never understood what those bumps were supposed to do on the Cetaphil wipes, it’s not like they are abrasive or anything.


Overall, I have to admit that I was very surprised but very happy to see the amazing results!


What’s your favorite makeup wipe?

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