Influenster: VSSport Vox Box

The other week I was notified that I was selected for the VSSport voxbox…getting an Influenster VoxBox is always so exciting because the products are always fun to try and they always have GREAT brands.


I was excited to get the VSSport VoxBox because I have to say, sometimes it can be very hard to find a good sports bra! So their revamp of their sports bra line to accommodate the need for more support by their shoppers was great news to me and I was dying to get to be one of the first to try it. I got my great VS box in the mail and it came with a measuring tape (OMG, SO HANDY TO HAVE!), a new sports bra, and a pack of socks. I tried the bra on and, although I needed to exchange it for another size, it feels really great and supportive on.



I took it for a test-drive and it served me well during my 60 minute workout… and it even managed to look a little sexy….I mean, as sexy as a sports bra can get at least.


Have you tried this bra? What do you think?


Interested in joining Influenster? Send me a message or comment and I will send you an invite!

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