Ipsy June 2014

photo 1


I just got my Ipsy bag and that makes today one of my favorite day’s of the month!!


The Rebecca Minkoff bag was such an amazing thing to open my package to…It is so pretty and I can’t wait to throw minis in it and toss it into my purse.


The samples this month, on the one hand, are not that exciting.. I went to Generation beauty so I have the NYX Butter Gloss and the Laneige BB Cream Sample.


The Beach Spray is just another brand of a product that I have a lot of. The Bombshell product is a mascara and I also am at my capacity with those too and to be honest, I haven’t found many that I have liked as much as my staple choices. Finally, the one thing I might be excited to try but also isn’t something I would go for on my own is the electric blue eyeliner. I love bright mascaras but I am just not a dedicated eyeliner person. I just don’t pick it up to wear as often as some others might….so while it is the most exciting, it isn’t the most practical for me considering my makeup rituals.


What’d you get in your Ipsy? Interested in signing up and trying this service out for $10/mo? It is SO WORTH IT! Learn more HERE.

Recap: Generation Beauty 2014

This past weekend I attended Generation Beauty by Ispy. Last year was its first year and I honestly hadn’t even heard about it but I saw images and this year they amped up their marketing for it and I couldn’t pass it up!

People have celebrated the fun events/tutorials/mini makeovers, the best goodie bag ever, and fun giveaways. How could I pass this up?!

GenBeauty ran from Friday to Sunday but Friday was an exclusive event for select beauty bloggers/vloggers. So I didn’t get to attend that but I made sure I was there bright and early on Saturday!

So I didn’t get great pictures of the space overall but Ipsy set up a huge tent on top of LA Live, the venue where they held the Grammys after party. And inside, each brand had their own stations.

At the first booth I visited, Benefit was giving away their brand new gel liner pen, that doesn’t even launch until later this month!

Here is one of their educators doing a tutorial on another GenBeauty attendee.

photo 1

She also did my liner but I haven’t tried it on myself yet! I will let you know how it turns out.

Next, China Glaze set up a bar where you could do your own nails or get ombre nails done. This was a fun idea to test their colors out.

photo 2

After making my way around, I came across the Lush booth which was showcasing 5 of their new products: mango soap, parsley prodigy soap, a new bath bomb, a new body butter, and a hair product (I think a styling gel?) These smelled great and were so fun to see and touch. I loved the soaps and am so excited they were included in our goodie bags (more on that below)


photo 3


At the Dermalogica booth, they did skin consultations and based on your needs they gave you a full size of one of their products. I got the Masque… can’t wait to try it!

photo 4


Now I don’t have pictures on all of these, but I also got a braid done at Oscar Blandi, got my foundation matched at BareMinerals (longest line ever!), got great nail polish remover samples for Josie Maran, got a complimentary Paleta (mexican popsicle) from NYX cosmetics, and a touch up from L.A. Girls

On sunday, I also stopped at the Temptu booth and tried airbrush makeup for the first time ever. IT. IS. AMAZING. I am getting married in August and knew I wanted Airbrush for my wedding but I’ve never tried it so I was basing my judgement on good pictures, not because I knew it was going to be awesome. They have me a quick do over and tutorial and I couldn’t believe that I came out looking like this!:

photo 5



Seriously, it is so easy and the results are just unmatched! I was so in awe that I bought one on the spot (okay, they were having a good deal for $79 for the system and a matched foundation) and got a bronzer and blush too! Probably my favorite experience through the whole event and it even introduced me to something super amazing that I can’t live without!


Here are the goodies I got just from going to the booths and participating in their activities/events.

photo 1

Soho powder brush, bare minerals bare skin foundation with the matching brush (have you seen this amazing new innovation?) and a moxie lipstick not pictured), They’re real fine liner, nix lip butter, proactive cleansing wipes, mark fading pads, and shine control (review coming).



Now on to what you really want to see right?! THE GOODIE BAG! So Ipsy gives out goodie bags during “Happy Hour” With your registration you get tickets to take to a certain booth at a specific time in the afternoon. You make a line and they exchange your ticket for your goodie bags! Each attendee received 2 on Saturday and 2 different ones on Sunday.

photo 2

The pink bag (from left to right): Cargo HD mascara, City Colors lipstick, Liner brush, Pixi eyeliner, Pixi lip butter, Temptu highlighter, BareMinerals mineral veil, and Sexy Hair hairspray, and Eva NYC shampoo and conditioner.

photo 3

Purple bag (left to right): Cargo HD Mascara, Temptu Blus, City Color cheek stain, HSI Argan Oil, Sexy Hair sea salt spray, Em lipstick, liner brush, Eva NYC shampoo and conditioner, and Bare Minerals primer.

photo 4

White bag (left to right): F21 Shimmer Stick, Josie Maran Cheek Gelee, Vincent Longo eyeshadow, China Glaze and L.A. Girls nail polish, Ardell Lashes, Benefit Porefessional sample, Dermalogica clear start overnight treatment, Pacifica lip shimmer, NYX eye palette, Laneige Water Moisture Cream (dying to try this!) and Pur Minerals lipstick pads (the colors are all single use swatches on individual cards…I’ve never seen this before)

photo 5


Blue bag (clockwise left to right as best I can): Lush Mango Soap, L.A. Girls and China Glaze polish, Ardell lashes, Laneige BB Cream (dying to try this too, I’ve only heard AMAZING things), Josie Maran argan body butter, NYX Chunky Dunk, Vincent Longo lipgloss, F21 Lipstick, Pacifica lip butter, Dermalogica Clear Start moisturizer, F21 blue, and Pur Minerals moisturizer.

Are you going to go next year? I am just waiting for the official ticket announcement!!!


If you are interested in joining Ipsy based on this amazing event, their love for their fans, and the great bags you get every month (p.s. Can’t wait to see what I get this month!) , go HERE.

Allure Beauty Box May 2014


This is my FIRST Allure Beauty Box….I have always seen them but have never made it in time to actually get it! They sell out in SECONDS!

Anyways, I am an Allure Beauty Enthusiast and they offered their community members the opportunity to buy the next 3 boxes for 199 plus tax…. this was a pretty great deal (okay, some people didn’t think it was because it ended up costing about the same) since it ensured I didn’t have to worry about accessing and purchasing the boxes each season from the website. I am the kinda girl who will pay a little extra for the joy of convenience.


But since this was my first box, boy, was I excited! Now this is usually a mix of drugstore and speciality store products… with the majority being lower end priced products. All in all, a pretty good mix though.



Softsoap Sea Kissed Exfoliating Body Wash and Dove Purely Pampering Body Wash.

I am not a big drugstore body wash person, I tend to lean towards luxury brands because the scents are so enticing compared to like green apple and fresh mountain scents but that doesn’t mean that if I get drugstore body washes I won’t use them! I think these’ll do me just fine and I can probably get behind the Dove and maybe the Softsoap one will pleasantly surprise me!


So many hair products! I kid you not, I have like 3 full size hairsprays here! I don’t know if I will ever use them all but heck, I can sure try?!

This mix of hair products includes hairspray, dry conditioner, thermal cream, paste, argan oil serum, renewal hair treatment, and an anti aging treatment. I will not be using the not your mother’s and developlus products because my hair does not neat any sort of renewal treatment or anti aging treatment since it is really healthy. I will use the heat serums and products though for when I blow dry… you know, to keep these healthy locks, extra healthy. I am extra excited for the Rusk and Big Sexy Hair hairsprays!


Here are the cosmetic products now! Rimmel and Tarte mascaras, Revlon and Cargo glosses, and an IT Cosmetics CC cream. Just from my memory, this feels like it is less cosmetics than normal. But then again, what do I know? This is my first box! I am excited to have another Tarte mascara and to try the IT Cosmetics CC Cream. I also am a pretty avid user of the Revlon sticks so they’ve already won my hear there.


Finally, body and nail products. So, I got what I thought was everything out of the box and then looked at the listed products and realized I was missing a Flower nail polish so I had to dig through the box and eventually found it! So excited to since, for a drugstore brand, I do really like what they offer (omg cheapest and best brow filler pencil EVER!) The polish formulas are here and there…some are great, and some are terrible but I am not a chemist so I don’t know if it depends on color, blend, batch, whatever. anyways, this stuff happens with good polishes too, I’ve had my bad selection of Julep even!

Anyways, I am excited for that amazing Sally Hansen metallic color and you can never go wrong with an extra top coat!

I am DYING over the Rembrandt paste. Boy, do I love a good whitening product!

I will probably not be using the Tan towels, I have used tanning things and failed miserably and just try to avoid them at all costs..so this will get gifted and it will be loved by someone who knows how to use them. But other than that, I am SO EXCITED for the sunscreen (I know, a little strange..) The cleansing cloths and the moisturizer…even though I have a few I need to use up first.



Overall, I am a big fan and don’t know if I can go back to ignorant bliss of missing these boxes and just thinking… “Oh well, there’s always next time” From now on, I can’t see myself going on without scoring these boxes… I am a dedicated believer and really do hope that they have a GREAT response to this package deal and keep offering them …. to enthusiasts only of course!…can’t run the risk of these packages selling out either 😉


What Item are you looking forward to the most?

Ipsy March 2014

photo 1


This month, Ipsy introduced a new approach at their makeup bags. They are incorporating artwork of subscribers which is so cool. I feel like I own a very fun one-of-only-a-few products.

photo 2



BareMinerals Moxie Lipstick in “Get Ready” $18.00 for Full Size

This is a nice dusty rose/nude color. This is a travel size so it’s perfect to toss into my purse. I am not a big BareMinerals fan.. personally, I don’t understand what is so special about their mineral makeup method but their color cosmetics I seem to enjoy like their Lipsticks, eyeshadows, etc.

photo 3


Pacifica Indian Coconut Nectar Body Butter $5.00 Travel Size

I love this brand so this was a great surprise especially since it was a very coveted item. I can always some some more Pacifica!

photo 4

Missha BB Cream $7.00 Sample Size

This shade actually matches me pretty well and I always like an extra BB Cream to carry around. I was originally a BB Cream sceptic because I like my primer and I like my moisturizer and on and on….but now when I am just doing the grocery store run or Sunday errands, I have found that BB Creams are a nice go to for a low key look. I did notice on their site they have VIP pricing and this is for people who spend over $200 a year. We all know how easy that is with cosmetics and it might be something I aim for. I see a few things that I like and I love their packaging too!


photo 5

Bombshell Eyeshadow Palette Quad in Bora Bora $16

I like this quad largely because it is neutral colors I tend to use plus a great teal color too!! Bombshell cosmetics are really middle of the road for me. I wouldn’t pick it first but I get excited to get them because they are pretty good quality. Also, if I did buy stuff from them their pricing is really good too.


I paid $10 and got about $30 worth of product plus an AMAZIN bag. Overall, Ispy is such a fun bag and you should join if you haven’t already!!


PopSugar MustHave March 2014

photo 1

My Favorite time of month!!!!!

photo 2

Baublebar Ring Holder

I couldn’t find this item on the Baublebar website so I am going to guess it would be around $13 like the two they did have available.

This was a little “eh” for me. I have a ring holder I love and it’s one of those things that I think isn’t the most interesting or life changing product in a PSMH box.

photo 3

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum $30.00

I haven’t tried this yet but I do really like Jurlique products. All the reviews I am seeing for it are also great too.

photo 1

Mini exercise ball … $10?

Again no price (well there was, but I threw away the card) I am so excited to use this though! Also, my dog is having a ball with it too… no pun intended 😉

photo 2

Snapea Crisps $2.99 ($26.49 for 12 pack)

This are SO DELICIOUS! I know they aren’t as healthy as we like to think but man they are good. I shared it with everyone during a meeting and they were gone in minutes. I’ve had them before but the new packaging is so much nicer than the one they had before.

photo 4

Brokedown Ikat Scarf $72.00

I LOVE this scarf. I also put this on immediately and have been wearing it as much as I can without looking like it’s the only scarf I have!

 photo 5

Dog Eared Necklace $30.00

I put this on IMMEDIATELY. It is so cute and delicate and I love that it is meant to fall off. It makes me pretty intent on keeping it on and excited for the next one I am going to get!!

photo 3

Bonus Item: Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar in Strawberry $7.50 for a pack of 12

This flavor is new and actually not advertised on their website or available to buy on Amazon yet so it must be REALLY new…. I haven’t tried to look for it in stores yet either though. But the other flavors look great too. I packed these for work since I like something to snack on and HOLY COW were they good. They are like a healthier but better version of Fig Newton’s so I will be keeping an eye out for the Strawberry and definitely trying singles of all the other labors to see which ones I want to stock up on.

Overall, I am super happy with this box. I don’t know if I could honestly pick a favorite PSMH because they are all SO GOOD and I get excited every time I open one and disappointed when it’s over because I have to wait another month.

I paid about $35 for this box and received about $150 worth of product

Glossybox February 2014

I am so behind on updating!

Well, and Glossybox was very late this month.

photo 1


I opened the box and got so excited to see a lash curler!

photo 2


Emite Makeup Eyelash Curler- $31.33 after Currency Conversion

I had never heard of this company and now I know why. They are a Scandinavian company that mostly sells in Sweden.

I really like this and am so glad it was introduced to me but because it isn’t really available in the US I am wondering if this was thought through? I would buy it but not to ship all the way from Sweden.

photo 3


Pureology Color Fanatic Spray – $6.00

I don’t understand why I get so many products for color treated hair since I don’t color my hair regularly. Nonetheless, I will probably give this a try since it really just seems like a styling spray with extra nutrients but if it makes my hair feel too dense/oily I will pass it on.

photo 4


OC8 Professional Mattifying Gel $30.00 

I am so excited to try this product It sounds great and when I researched it it gets great reviews. I don’t know how I’ll ever finish this giant bottle though haha.



photo 5

Lauren B. Nail Polish in “City of Angels” $18.00

This is a beautiful color and I love that it is essentially an LA color. I haven’t tried it on yet and have seen mixed reviews on applications but I don’t have a bubblegum pink color so this is a nice addition to my ridiculous polish collection.


Overall, Glossybox runs $21.00 a month and I received $85.00 worth of product. I think I will use most of these and I lucked out with the full size products being the most likely one’s that will be used regularly.

I can never tell if I will like my GlossyBox. I have had mixed feelings and usually cancel and resubscribe when there is a curated box or limited edition.


BirchBox February 2014 Us Weekly Edition

I got home and, without thinking about it being Sunday, opened it to find this surprise! Maybe it’s an LA thing or a President’s day weekend thing, but I couldn’t be happier!


photo 2photo 1

This is my first Birchbox….I almost subscribed when it first launched but there were a few things I didn’t like….1. there were a lot of perfume samples and at that time I was working in fragrance…that was  a waste of my money…2. everything felt like a sample size and to me that was less valuable than Ipsy…I know that Ipsy products are definitely a lower price point than some of the Birchbox products but I didn’t really have a need for prestige product samples (working in fragrance also meant I had access to the broader cosmetic brand community) and I am a more bang for your buck kinda person. I buy the prestige products anyways…I liked the idea of spending $10 and getting extra full size products to have around.


But here I am, a year or so later, and now a Birchbox subscriber!! So let’s pull this box apart and see what I got….


First thing first, this box also came with a one year Us Weekly subscription that emailed subscription signup so that’s not here but I’ll start getting it soon and that’s great…because now my guilty pleasure can come straight to me.


photo 1






Skin&Co Truffle Therapy Serum, Full size, $75

This stuff feels like and smells good so I will give it a shot but I have more serums than I know what to do with right now.

photo 2

Hello by Harvey Prince, full size, $55

This is nice and light and fresh. I will be tossing that into my handbag immediately for a nice little afternoon refresher.

photo 3

OPI Sheer Tint in “Don’t Violet me down”, full size, $9

I LOVE this…this is just one layer on my plain nails but I want to try it over white and other colors….it reminds me of the Julep Rock Candy. I will probably be buying this whole collection or sheer tints.

photo 4

Beauty Protector Protect and Oil, Full Size, $25.95

I tend to use the Bb. hairdresser secret oil or whatever it is called. But this stuff is great for when I blow dry or straighten. Which isn’t everyday but fairly frequently.

photo 5


Bonus Item, Harnet and Sons Fine Tea, full size, $9.60 

I know a lot of companies get grief when they send out tea as part of a subscription but as an “extra” I think Birchbox alleviates that tension while also pleasing people like me who LOVE getting tea like this. I went to a conference once where they had these exact teas and definitely stashed a bunch in my purse. They are so wonderful and I will probably be buying them now too.


I think for $10 bucks its one of those easy expenses you forget about and can justify spending even if you don’t have a good month. There are some great things I love but it’s also definitely not my favorite so far. I do like that it ties it into the store and you can earn points, etc. But now Sephora has competition except that this year, I am aiming for that VIB Rouge (okay, let’s not worry about what that spending threshold is).


Find Birchbox interesting? Subscribe here!  If you don’t through a referral link, it can take up to 3 months sitting on a wait list and then only getting 48 hours to claim your subscription!