PopSugar MustHave March 2014

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My Favorite time of month!!!!!

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Baublebar Ring Holder

I couldn’t find this item on the Baublebar website so I am going to guess it would be around $13 like the two they did have available.

This was a little “eh” for me. I have a ring holder I love and it’s one of those things that I think isn’t the most interesting or life changing product in a PSMH box.

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Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum $30.00

I haven’t tried this yet but I do really like Jurlique products. All the reviews I am seeing for it are also great too.

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Mini exercise ball … $10?

Again no price (well there was, but I threw away the card) I am so excited to use this though! Also, my dog is having a ball with it too… no pun intended 😉

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Snapea Crisps $2.99 ($26.49 for 12 pack)

This are SO DELICIOUS! I know they aren’t as healthy as we like to think but man they are good. I shared it with everyone during a meeting and they were gone in minutes. I’ve had them before but the new packaging is so much nicer than the one they had before.

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Brokedown Ikat Scarf $72.00

I LOVE this scarf. I also put this on immediately and have been wearing it as much as I can without looking like it’s the only scarf I have!

 photo 5

Dog Eared Necklace $30.00

I put this on IMMEDIATELY. It is so cute and delicate and I love that it is meant to fall off. It makes me pretty intent on keeping it on and excited for the next one I am going to get!!

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Bonus Item: Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar in Strawberry $7.50 for a pack of 12

This flavor is new and actually not advertised on their website or available to buy on Amazon yet so it must be REALLY new…. I haven’t tried to look for it in stores yet either though. But the other flavors look great too. I packed these for work since I like something to snack on and HOLY COW were they good. They are like a healthier but better version of Fig Newton’s so I will be keeping an eye out for the Strawberry and definitely trying singles of all the other labors to see which ones I want to stock up on.

Overall, I am super happy with this box. I don’t know if I could honestly pick a favorite PSMH because they are all SO GOOD and I get excited every time I open one and disappointed when it’s over because I have to wait another month.

I paid about $35 for this box and received about $150 worth of product

PopSugar MustHave February 2014


This is most definitely, without a doubt, my FAVORITE subscription box.

It must be the mix of different items that really brings it all together and I find myself really loving a lot of the brands. Wit that said this is my 1 year anniversary box which was exciting. I wish it wasn’t so expensive but it is SO WORTH IT…and sometimes they have good coupon codes.





This was a bonus item and from other peoples reviews, seems to be pretty contentious since it doesn’t really “fit” with the whole Popsugar must have feel. It definitely feels like a marketing piece more than anything since it seems like Dial is trying to promote this new body wash. It’s not like the body washes I tend to use regularly but feels like a nice one to keep in my gym bag.




K. Hall designs Peony Travel candle $11

This candle smells lovely. I do not generally buy small candles like this but I do love them for my bathroom. This item is made by a company from St. Louis, MO……the city I just moved from to come to Los Angeles. This is the second ST. Louis made item in PopSugar boxes…the first was last September or October and it was a diffuser from Barr Co. . This makes me (a.) miss St. Louis (b.) wonder if someone at PopSugar is from there?!!? I am so curious now!!




Nourish Organics Argan Face Serum $24

I haven’t tried this product yet, it sounds wonderful and I love the feel of the brand…. After doing some exploring on their website and Facebook, I am dying to try these handwashes $32 is pretty reasonable! They are only available online and at Whole Foods according to their website.




Sugarwish Candy 

I do not like Cinnamon candy….but I will use these to bake/cook with or give them to someone who does. This package also came with a discount on a gift box. Sugarwish is a candy store that lets you buy in sets…so if you want to send someone gift you pick a 4-8 candy package box, Sugarwish sends them an e-card and lets them pick the candy they want to receive, and then they ship it to them! It is such a fun idea and I can’t wait to send it to someone!!




NCLA polish $16

I have SO MUCH polish and to be honest, I’d rather spend $11 (Maven rate) for a Julep polish and actually use it all then get big sizes like this I hardly get half way through. This is a pretty color and I do like the LA aspect of it but I have a color just like this so it is going into the gift pile. Although, this one is going to get gifted, I do use a nice lavender shade from NCLA that I love.




ModelCo Lip duo $20?

I couldn’t find this just as a single..only in sets…but this is BRILLIANT. I love it and want more so will probably get that set. I am not a gloss person so I don’t know why I am so excited about this but I am always willing to try gloss or, if this doesn’t work I love the concept so much I am willing to get other people to fall in love with it! I see ModelCo in a lot of subscriptions but I think this is the first time I actually have gotten something from them…I do like their innovative packaging though






Gorjana Griffin Jewelry Roll $45 (and gift card)


I NEEDED one of these so I am VERY happy. This is beautiful and will be great to travel with. The color shade of the leather is beautiful so I am very happy about that. Now I can finally stop packing all my little jewelry bags!I like gorjana stuff pretty well so I will probably use the gift card fairly soon….I do need to really clean out my jewelry stash though…


overall, not my favorite PopSugar but as a whole, PSMH is pretty amazing all around so I can never complain.