It’s that time of year….the AP Semi-Annual Sale!

It’s been going on for a week or two now but this week they just dropped some sale prices to 70% off!

This is probably one of my favorite times of year…like EVER and if you have ever had the pleasure of wearing Agent Provocateur lingerie you know exactly what I am talking about!

The craftsmanship and unique styles of the brand truly make them some of the most exquisite lingerie items I’ve ever met. They rival La Perla and Kiki de Montparnasse in quality and beauty but AP has this great novelty to them that really shines in the fun and sometimes raunchy (though nothing too raunchy this time around) prints and patterns that they use.




The Electra: The gorgeous contract of the green on black and the sexy symmetry and lines in the bra structure itself…it’s a piece of art I tell ya!


Zuri: So colorful. So breathtaking. So me.

If there is one thing I need from this sale…it’s this! What a beautifully colorful style and the lace is so intricate and detailed. After working at a lingerie store in college I grew to appreciate the beauty in colorful and lacey bras even for everyday wear!


What will you be picking up during this sale!??!



Influenster: VSSport Vox Box

The other week I was notified that I was selected for the VSSport voxbox…getting an Influenster VoxBox is always so exciting because the products are always fun to try and they always have GREAT brands.


I was excited to get the VSSport VoxBox because I have to say, sometimes it can be very hard to find a good sports bra! So their revamp of their sports bra line to accommodate the need for more support by their shoppers was great news to me and I was dying to get to be one of the first to try it. I got my great VS box in the mail and it came with a measuring tape (OMG, SO HANDY TO HAVE!), a new sports bra, and a pack of socks. I tried the bra on and, although I needed to exchange it for another size, it feels really great and supportive on.



I took it for a test-drive and it served me well during my 60 minute workout… and it even managed to look a little sexy….I mean, as sexy as a sports bra can get at least.


Have you tried this bra? What do you think?


Interested in joining Influenster? Send me a message or comment and I will send you an invite!

Review: Proactiv Makeup Cleansing Wipes

Proactiv had a booth at GenBeauty and I was lucky enough to walk away with a full size makeup cleansing wipes after participating in some fun activities. Now, I was NEVER a Proactiv person. I remember the commercials and I remember kids in school who would use it but I never really had bad skin so there wasn’t really a reason for me to get a whole acne clearing routine.

Since getting into my twenties I began to notice some “acne” popping up. Now I know that some of this has to do with makeup, water composition, hormones etc. Overall, I am pretty good for caring for it but it definitely takes specific products to manage it.

So, I was very excited to try these makeup cleansing wipes. I am not sure if they have special qualities that combat acne but my focus was on how well they did what they were supposed to do: get all the makeup off!

SO I am comparing these to the Cetaphil makeup wipes that I received in my Allure Beauty Box a month or so ago. I was excited to try the Cetaphil wipes because I usually use Neutrogena but I had been hearing such good reviews about Cetaphil. Well, I must say, I was not impressed. They felt very dry and I felt like  I really needed to rub to get my makeup off. So while I wasn’t generally happy with them they did do the job okay and I was compelled to finish the pack off.

Enter Proactiv wipes.

When I got my Proactive wipes I figured it would be a good chance to try another new wipe and see how they compared! So to test how good these wipes were at getting makeup off, I used each one to wipe half of the makeup off my face after a full day of work. Here is what I got:

Left: Proactiv

Right: Cetaphil



Now you can tell that they both get the mascara off really well (the really dark blotches) but I was amazed to see that Proactiv was so much more effective than Cetaphil! Look at all that dirt, eyeshadow, and bronzer it got off compared to the Cetaphil wipes! First of all, the Proactiv is much more most which I think helps to lubricate and remove the makeup when rubbing. Secondly, I never understood what those bumps were supposed to do on the Cetaphil wipes, it’s not like they are abrasive or anything.


Overall, I have to admit that I was very surprised but very happy to see the amazing results!


What’s your favorite makeup wipe?

Review: Coppertone

I have been working on campaigns with BzzAgent for quite some time now. The other week, I actually received one of my more recent campaign offers: Coppertown Clearly Sheer. This is a pretty fun but also practical campaign.


Clearly Sheer is a new product line part of the Coppertone family that is meant to provide a lighter weight but as effective coverage. It aims to provide a very sheer coverage that doesn’t require much rubbing in and doesn’t clog pores and doesn’t leave a white film like some other sunscreens can.


I didn’t want to write this review too soon because I really wanted to try the product out and share with everyone the benefits I experienced over time. Since I’ve had some time to try the line, I can definitely see the innovation in this product and must say, I am now a huge fan of the spray on cans!!


photo 1 I received some of the spray on and cream varieties to try. The small versions came in handy and were a great way to share with others so they could try too!

photo 2I kid you not, this is exactly what the spray looked like after application!

photo 3 This is what the cream looked like, a little mess matte and sheer but definitely not white and milky like some sunscreens.


These products are definitely true to their name!


Overall, I liked them, I really like the application of a spray can and although I have never tried them before, I probably will always pick them up first if possible from now on!


What is your favorite sunscreen?



Benefit Boutique and Sephora Haul May 2013



I am such a sucker for new products and a good sale or value set. So it should be no surprise that, come spring, I am getting shipments or picking up extra every time I shop beauty brands. I was in Benefit and picked up some extras after my brow wax


New lip balms $18  These are brand new so of course I had to have them. They are balms with a very slight tint in the same shades as the cult classic cheek tints. These are very light but pretty hydrating and they have a nice scent and flavor…a little fresh a little sweet. Overall, I am not sure they warrant the $18 price tag but they are alright and I threw them all into my handbags so now I never will have dry lips.



Hydrating Mist $26 Now, I LOVE face mists but hate how expensive they can be. I usually get Shu Uemura but I didn’t have time to order and wait for shipment so I went to my second favorite: Benefit’s Hydrating Mist. This mist smells amazing and is so refreshing and cooling.


On to my sephora haul… so I love the “Sephora Favorites” sets and it was 3x fragrance points soooo…….


Meet your Match $25 This is the top set in the box and it is 3 shades of polish and lip gloss: nude, coral, and fuchsia. I like this set because it’s so cute with the minis and nice for travel….not sure it’s worth $25 but I have it so I’ll use it instead of going through the hassle to return it.

Summer Stash $45 This is the set with the gold chevron canvas bag. This had a lot more than the “Meet your Match” set but still all minis. I also am not sure why they include the stila foil eyeshadow because you need the primer to use it! That’s a bit annoying actually but all the other thing’s I’ll use. I am especially looking forward to the Marc Jacobs mascara!

Bonus extra samples: Dior addict lipstick samples, Living proof shampoo, Nest fragrance, and a stack of other fragrance blotters/postcards. All going to the travel set box I have…




Also, last but not least I ordered the Bottled Dreams set ($58) You get the mini’s plus a full size bottle of your favorite from the set (1.0 or 1.7 fl. oz bottle) This is a pretty good deal since it’s either difficult to get the mini bottles ( I am a collector…are you?) or you have to buy a full size. so I like that they are this size and not the 2 time vial samples. This box included Florabotanica, Elizabeth and James Nirvana White and Black, Gucci Guilt, Lancome La Vie Est Belle, Juicy Couture, Bulgari Omnia, and Burberry Body Tender. I already own Florabotanica, Burberry Body (EDP) and Bulgari Omnia so those are just nice extras. I am seriously considering Nirvana Black, Gucci Guilt, and the Lancome Fragrance….any suggestions?!


Bonus extras: I got a second Dior Addict sample set and Nest fragrance sample, and a Nars tinted moisturizer sample. I also redeemed a code for a free mini fragrance and chose the Dolce by D&G because I’ve been dying to try it…and I just bought it on Groupon for $20 off and %15 Ebates rewards!!

Ipsy May 2014

photo 1

I LOVE this is a cotton bag with a very “eco” flair. Personally, it’s a great durable bag with a lot of flexibility for me to pack small things in and throw into my handbag.

photo 2


Purlisse Moisturizer – This is a nice moisturizer that I have sampled before and am excited to have a travel size. I am stocked up on moisturizer now or else I probably would buy the full size.

Hey Honey peel mask – I LOVE this. I tried it tonight and it feels great when you first put it on since it is very cooling. You do need to be sure you leave it on long enough so that it peels correctly or else it will just be messy. If you do let it dry long enough, it peels off so easy and is definitely a fun treatment.

Derme microdermabrasion scrub – I haven’t tried this yet but it is a scrub materials so I might use a little on my face and more of it on my body. These things are nice to have around though even though I don’t use scrubs like this on my face very often since they tend to be harsh.

Hang Ten sunscreen – you can never have too much sunscreen! I love throwing these in my bags but after so many different brands, none start to really feel unique after awhile and I am not sure if this will really stand out enough for me to go buy this over other more recognizable brands.

Pacifica Eyeshadow duo – the release of Pacifica makeup has been ahot topic. They have become such a cult favorite for their fragrances and then their 7 free polishes and now makeup. I can’t wait to try this and hope I like their beauty products as much as their nice luxury and organic skincare and fragrances.



What’d you think of this month’s Ipsy?


I am going to BeautyGen 2014 on May 31st and I must say I am SO EXCITED!!!!

Julep Mystery Box #2 May 2014 and add-on

photo 3photo 1



I don’t usually get mystery boxes anymore since I have a lot of polish at this point in time but I figured I would just go for it with this one. So when I opened it I was definitely hoping for more product than polish but this month was a good mix of both! I opened it to find a nail file, forget me nots and a mini top coat. I LOVE this topcoat so a mini was great for travel… and I can always use extra files…but now I have too many forget-me-not seeds so will need to find a good home for them!

photo 4

I was SUPER excited to see a box of TA DA! fast dry drops and Vanish cuticle remover. I go through TA DA fast and I was really interested in trying Vanish so this worked out great because I almost made it an add on but decided to wait!

photo 5


I also got (from left to right)

Celia (shimmery silver-teal green) New to me but not really a color I wear but maybe I will keep it for my toes

Candace (dark shimmery silver with bronze and gild metallic polish) also not my first color pick but may keep it for toes and winter. I am such a fan of creme colors though so this also may just have to go into the gift pile…are you also addicted to the idea of just having every shade you don’t have though?!

Michelle (navy creme) I love this color because its dark and rich…can’t wait to wear it but with all the fun brights for summer it might be awhile..or only stay on for one day.

Carol (sheer creme pink) I am such a fan of colors like this because they are so easy to wear and my nails chip so often (I’m talking within 24 hours) that I need something that isn’t obvious or I can easily reapply.

Estelle (black with silver and multicolor glitter) I wish I could explain this color better or even show it better because it is GORGEOUS and I cannot wait to wear it!

photo 2

Finally the Add-on had a travel size rock star hand creme (which will be great in my work drawer) and these colors (from left to right):

Emilie (emerald green creme) This is definitely not a color I would pick for myself but will probably try since it is a nice shade of green that can be a little neutral

Casper (glow in the dark) This is a dupe for me and while I would love to be wearing my original casper more, I guess I am just never in a place where glow in the dark can really glow in the dark hah!

Tatum (shimmery bright green) This is a fun color as you can tell since it is the brightest in the bunch but definitely not my style and I can’t even imagine a time I would wear it…I don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s day like I used to.

Valerie (rich emerald green with gold shimmer) This is also a dupe for me from the october box and I love this color a lot so this is one dupe I might keep…which is a crazy thing for me to say!

Gayle (aubergine creme) This color is great and while I love purples I never buy them for myself… my process in buying colors is so terrible… I rebuy colors I have and stray from colors I want every time I look at what my collection is lacking.. I need to write them down and check my list. So after that short and unjust explanation, I can sat that getting this color is definitely a win for me.



Which Mystery Box did you get?!